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With its dramatic gorges, stunning peaks, mysterious caves, idyllic streams, and picturesque lakes, Switzerland is able to provide an alluring and unique backdrop for the ideal family holiday. Its landscapes have over the years been harnessed to assist in creating what makes for a beautiful and truly marvelous playground. A playground filled with hanging bridges and toboggan runs for outdoor adventures, rope parks, themed trails, and water-based attractions for relaxation and fun.
If you are visiting Switzerland with your family, consider the following recommendations:

A family vacation in Switzerland does not get any more scenic than this, as it is a once in a lifetime experience. It is an experience that will see you make a visit to the topmost parts of Europe via the Jungfrau rail. The train ride, though long ensures that you get to see Swiss villages up close. 

The train ride takes a total of two hours each way. When heading up, you will need to make two train switches. The last train will actually go through an ice tunnel located deep inside the Swiss mountains. The Jungfrau peak is set at a height of three thousand meters and is always snowy. 

You will find that breathing may become a bit strenuous at this particular height. However, the fun you will have building snowmen with your kids outside will make the trip totally worth it. Inside, you will find an ice sculpture exhibition as well as a lookout towards Europe. 

When going down, make sure you take the train heading in a different direction to help you see more of this area.

The Open Air Museum

The open-air museum can be found in Ballenberg. It is a museum known to feature historical houses and farms from different parts of Switzerland. What makes it wonderful is the fact that it has a beautiful setting where you not only get to see how people lived more than 200 years ago, but you also get to interact and pet the animals. If visiting the museum, make sure to set aside enough time as the area itself is quite large.


Bern is a city located thirty minutes away from Interlaken by car. The city is quite small but features a nice and laidback downtown area. You can walk around the area, visit the local church, and even organize a picnic in the park. The city acts as a home to a natural museum featuring art exhibitions of various wild animals. 


If you are looking for something more unique, then Murren should do it for you and your family. This is a small alpine village that has not caught up with time. The village can be found sandwiched between mountains. One thing to note is that the only way to access the village is by cable car as there are no roads leading to it. The best time to visit the village is during the lunchtime hours.

Get a chance to dine with your family as you take in the wonderful sights and views. You can also take the cable car all the way to Schilthorn top. The top is beyond Murren and features a rotating restaurant allowing you to see the countryside without ever having to leave your seat.


ULRICHSHOF is a children’s and family hotel located in Bavaria, Germany. It is a place where parents can go with their children to have fun, bond, and interact with each other. ULRICHSHOF is not only a place where the kids get to see their dreams come true, but it is also a place to visit if you are looking for a relaxed and calming environment. 

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