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Bavaria is one of the most attractive states in Germany. Tourists from different parts of the world ferry to this beautiful state each year.

The state has charming landscapes, cultural and historical sites, and a dramatic view. For children and families visiting this place, here is a list of the most interesting features:

The museums

It is a great feeling when people reconnect to their pasts and try to imagine how things were done. Bavaria is the home to many museums that you will have to spend months visiting. Some of them are the best in Europe.

One of these museums is Deutsches, which holds most of the ancient technical knowledge. It is a nice feeling to visit such places and the historical chapters of Bavaria.

The castles

All of the towns in Bavaria have one or two medieval noble pile. However, tourists cannot miss visiting the castle at the Alpine forest which near to Schloss Neuschwanstein. This place is a dream bartizan and a dramatic to many tourists 

The Linderhof at Alpine is another must-visit castle when in Bavaria. You cannot afford to ignore the Herrenchiemsee; it is a Versailles-stimulated place.

The German tradition

Another reason that should make you consider taking your family for a trip to Bavaria is its tradition. Bavaria is full of charming and gorgeous traditional activities and sites. Starting from the renown Christmas and Oktoberfest market to glass-blowing activities.

All of these activities are conducted at the Bavarian Forest. The forest and the activities are all great and admirable adventures. Visitors come from far for beer brewing and watch the natives doing their thing. Beer brewing is just an example of the numerous cultural activity that is observed in this place.

The roads in Rothenburg

You should at least give your kids the privilege of enjoying a bike ride along the Rothenburg’s romantic roads. There are beautifully constructed driving and riding routes in Rothenburg.

Touring along these routes will provide you and your family with an exceptional travel experience. You see wind skewering over the undulating countryside of Bavaria. This city is a good example of the most preserved medieval in Europe.

Kehlsteinhaus and Konigssee

Another amazing place to visit while at Bavaria is the emerald green Konigssee. This site has a natural lake. The lake is surrounded by steep woody mountainsides and a rocky cliff, the Watzmann ranges.

On the shore is an image of the red domes of St. Bartholomew church that reflects on the water. To reach the church, people have to use a boat and then walk on the footpaths that are on the east shore.

Bottom line

There are several reasons to visit this great state of Germany. Bavaria is a unique place in Europe that you will never regret visiting. There are diverse attractive sites and numerous activities that are worthy of your time and money.

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