Ayurveda – a millennia-old art of healing

Traditional Indian Medicine

Ayurveda is a traditional and holistic healing art that originated in India. The word itself means “knowledge of life”. To introduce you to this holistic knowledge, the Ayurveda Weeks with Sarah will take place at the ULRICHSHOF from 23 to 29 October and from 04 to 10 December.

You will be welcomed with tea and a dosha test to find out which dosha type you are. Afterwards, Sarah will tell you all about Ayurvedic morning and evening rituals for happiness and good sleep. Then enjoy a soothing Upanahasveda massage, an Ayurvedic back massage including exfoliation and body butter (for pregnant women a Padabhyanga massage). After a relaxing meditation, you will receive further information on the three doshas for use at home.

Ayurveda to feel, experience and enjoy

Ayurveda … Harmony for body, mind and soul. Let yourself be whisked away to a soothing energy massage

Sarah Palm, Wellness beautician

Book your individual two-hour wellness treatment now and find out more about Ayurveda. If you have already booked your family holiday at the ULRICHSHOF, then reserve your treatment in the Wald-SPA by phone on +49 (0) 99 77 / 950-400, or by e-mail at

You are currently planning your family holiday? Simply add the Ayurveda Weeks offer when booking online.

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