Ulrichshof früher
Ulrichshof früher

The history of the ULRICHSHOF

2nd June 2013 - Extension and new construction of room wing, lobby and spa adventure world
Along with forty high-quality family suites at the “Forest Palace” (“Waldschloss”), a lobby and a “forest arcade” made of glass, four additional pools (one all-year outside pool, one children’s outside pool, one indoor adventure pool as well as one sports pool), a special parent spa level and the completely newly designed beauty area “forest spa”, the largest extension is carried out in the history of ULRICHSHOF.  

23rd April 2013
- Extension of the forest playground
In the direction of the riding stables the forest playground is extended by a sand play area, lying areas and trampoline.  

15th July 2012
- Redesign of the baby pool into “Blue Lagoon”
With a completely new set-up and designed as a rock cave, the baby pool with its blue Bisazza mosaic appears like the famous “Blue Lagoon”. In addition, space has been created for additional comfortable lying areas.  

29th May 2012
- Reconstruction of the sauna and the changing room area at the rock pool
The sauna area has been redesigned and has been extended by a tepidarium. In addition, the changing room and shower areas have been valorised distinctly by a new appealing design.  

17th November 2011
- Renovation of additional apartments in the residence
Consistently, the simple apartments in the residence are turned into modern family suites with high-quality amenities.  

20th April 2011 - New construction of an archery range and a climbing wall
Located between the riding area and the forest playground, an archery range has been created as a new attractive offer for young and old. The new climbing wall of 11 m in height on the roof-covered outside wall of the lunging hall challenges the small and adult climbers.  

15th June 2010
- Extension of hotel’s own riding stables, new construction of the parking hall and initial operation of the second photovoltaic system
Along with the wide extension of the hotel’s own riding stables, the power generation by photovoltaics has been extended distinctly. The new halls have been designed ideally for this purpose and provide a sensible multiple use from an ecological and economical aspect.  

15th October 2009 - Extension of the herb garden by a flower garden
Looking from the rock pool towards south, the eye passes over the herb garden now to a flower garden which covers the delivery area underneath and ensures the supply of fresh flowers for the tables in the restaurant.  

9th September 2009 - Extension of the wine terrace by “Cappuccino Lounge”
In order to provide parents with a quiet spot to relax, to read a book or to drink a cappuccino, a soft cushion landscape has been created in the cosy courtyard.  

11th November 2008
- Initial operation of the first photovoltaic system
The ecological retrofit is continued consistently by generating power from sun. At the same time, the large roof areas usual for hotel complexes are used sensibly.

- Online-booking 
Since March 2008 after long customization process it is also possible to book the ULRICHSHOF service online. Thus you are now able to book our your dream holiday at ULRICHSHOF all year round 24/7.

08/12/2007 - sauna area
The 1995 created sauna area has been re-arranged and transformed with stylish building materials in rich colours matching the Pirate's world into a South Sea hideaway.  

- redevelopment "Garten Eden" and Cantina del Vino
The gourmet restaurant at ULRICHSHOF shines in new colours and has the "Canina del Vino has been incorporated. A small but fine wine tavern, which houses our fine selection of organic wines and rare spirits and an ideal place for wine tasting.

- renovation of the suites 2006/2007
In 1992 in the main building the history/story of the Baby & Children Bio-Resorts ULRICHSHOF started.   All 9 apartments have been completely renovated. 9 first-class suites have been designed, which impress with spacious bathrooms and individual, concept oriented design.

In an effort to offer guests the best, the 3 restaurants in April 2006 became 100% bio.   Since then, all meals and meals are exclusively prepared with healthy, high quality and very tasty organic food.

21/11/2006 - Commissioning of the Karaoke facility in the Crazy Horse Saloon.

27/08/2006 - Commissioning of further game elements and -device
Dream swing, rope bridge and crane in the sand box on the adventure playground.

- Opening of the new bungee trampoline
With 6 individually separated jumping fields, of which 2 are bungee jumping fields on which with   guidance and secured by a belt jumps up to 7m high are possible.    

- Re-opening of the buffet area in the family restaurant "Fridolin"
Opening the completely newly re-designed, air-conditioned buffet area in the family restaurant "Fridolin" for a contemporary, modern presentation of high-quality organic food.  

- opening of the new car Scooter facility
In the playing barn with 6 Formula 1 designed cars: BMW, McLaren-Mercedes, Ferrari (2x), Red Bull and Renault.

- Opening of the expanded kitchen
of the new groceries warehouse and the on the east side of the holiday resort transferred, roofed new delivery location.

- opening of the new sand
playground pirate ship in the "Sandmeer" before the walls of a "Piratenhafens" beneath the new Grillterasse before the game shed. 

04/07/2005 - of the extended Barbecue Terrace
with generous space for all guests

- Re-opening
further 3 completely renovated holiday suite with generous baths and clearly improved interior 

20/12/2004 - Re-opening
the first 4 completely renovated holiday suites with generous baths and clearly improved interior in the "Stammhaus" The story of the ULRICHSHOF from 1992 to 2003


First sound and light show "Pirate`s Night" in the grotto pool "Pirate`s World"

Opening of about 80m long giant water slide in the rock pool "Pirate`s World"

Opening of the Bavarian restaurant "Ferdl-Stube"

Opening of the gourmet restaurant "Garten Eden"

Opening of the children's football field


Opening the wine terrace 01/05/2000 Opening of the "cable car" on the playground

Opening of the new restaurant "Marktplatz im Südflügel"


Opening of the "Crazy Horse Saloon" in the south wing

Opening of the "Crazy Horse Saloon" in the south wing

Opening of the beach volleyball court

Opening of the barbecue terrace

Opening of the rock-water park "Pirate`s World".


Opening of the residence with another 43 vacation suites, the restaurant FRIDOLIN and the new horse barn with indoor arena

Opening of ULRICHSHOF with 9 holiday apartments for young families

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