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Corporate Philosophy


All employees of the ULRICHSHOF act as „stakeholder” and give their best to fulfill the company goal to “create a heavenly and trustworthy holiday world for a special guest clientele”. This goal will be fulfilled in a outstanding high level in order to maintain teamwork which creates an atmosphere of wellness and joy for guests, employees, management, owner, supplier and all other business partners. You oblige yourself to keep away damage from the company, to foster its development and economic success with all power and you are convinced that only by acting like this, you will achieve the highest private and economic benefit.

Please address us with your small and big concerns at any time. Of course, we will try to give you a hand as far as possible.

Ulrich N. Brandl, Michaela and family


Moreover, we treat all guests equally. We do not differentiate between young and old, between disabled and abled persons. Animals also have our respect and are treated appropriate to the species. We support the human rights and the rights of children defined by the UN. Thoughtfulness, respect and confidence determine our togetherness.

On the one hand children are given as much freedom and development opportunities as possible, but on the other hand things are stopped where this is required by decency and cultivated manners.

With creative ideas, children are demonstrated attractive leisure time and holiday options; on the one hand by games which are simply fun, but on the other hand with nature adventure and educational games, which are socio-politically valuable keeping a responsible-minded upbringing in mind.

Every guest is given excessive free space as well as scope for privacy for her or his personal leisure.

Inside and outside ULRICHSHOF holiday world, the guests are provided with an extraordinary offer of leisure time options.

On the one hand every guest has the opportunity to enjoy the marvellous landscape around ULRICHSHOF in the circle of her or his family, and on the other hand to spend her or his holidays in the pleasant company of like-minded people just as the fancy takes.

We will do everything to make our guests feel as safe and well as at home. We will demonstrate to regular guests by known and familiar offers that they are coming back home again in a way; we reflect confidence and reliability.

We take suggestions and justified criticism of all guests seriously, which give us the chance of developing us further. Defects shall be removed as soon as possible, and every employee shall feel responsible in this respect.

As far as possible, staff shall be employed only who love their work at ULRICHSHOF and the dealing with our guests, which they express during their work as well.

The offer is tailor-made to the target group without compromise, which means that everything from the smallest detail to the set-up of extensive arrangements is harmonised with the needs of families with small children.

We want to please our guests in our holiday world. For us, recommendation is not only the most reliable and best advertisement; it is confirmation at the same time.

All-in-all, the target of all endeavours has to be to provide children with such a fantastic holiday that their parents have leisure time to avail themselves of the extensive offers provided especially for them too that they can enjoy their holiday in a most pleasant way as well. With our outstandingly cordial service, we want to provide our guests with a feeling of security and want to fascinate them with an extraordinary leisure time offer so that they want to spend their holidays at ULRICHSHOF again and again.

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wo nicht nur kinderträume wahr werden

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