Drachenstich in Furth im Wald
Drachenstich in Furth im Wald
Drachenstich in Furth im Wald
Drachenstich in Furth im Wald
Drachenstich in Furth im Wald
Drachenstich in Furth im Wald

Drachenstich in Furth i. Wald

For 500 years a dragon heaves itself through the Bavarian border town Furth im Wald. Even today. With its torn up mouth, barred teeth, spitting fire, smoking and roaring it is the symbol of evil. For 500 years, the beast is being stabbed and stands up again and again. The Further turned the fight with the 18-meter-long reptile into a knight's festival. The spear thrust is the dramatic climax of the story around distress and misery, love and courage, hate and death. A saying here says: "Furth lives, as long as the dragon dies..." In 2007, for the first the recast version of the Drachenstich was exclusively staged in 10 performance. The Drachenstich takes place each year in August and offers next to the dragon stabbing performances another large historical parade, a historic child festival with performance of a children's Drachenstich and child parade, the "Further Bunte Truhe", a patrocinium mass in the arena (if the weather is kind) and a typical Bavarian beer festival with amusement park There are also medieval concerts, jousting, sword fighting and archery tournament with camp life and historical market in the context of the "Cave Gladium". The slogan "A city plays middle ages" is so rightly propagated. The recast of the Drachenstich has following background: "A dreadful beast will rise and bring death and devastation" - thus heralded an ancient prophecy. In the twilight of the Middle Ages, on a Sunday in August 1431, world history was written in Furth im Wald: A powerful army has gathered here to beat the renegade Bohemia, who adore the preacher of Jan Hus. The battle is virtually won, because the leaders of the crusade is none other than the mighty Cardinal Cesarini, a descendant of Julius Cäsar. Yet suddenly things start to happen very fast: In the shadow of the war rises that horrible beast that was banned from time immemorial by a curse. Only two people can stop the dragon: The young lady of Furth, in whose hand now the fate of thousands lie - and the fearless Knight Udo, who was caught in a web of deadly intrigue. Irresistibly the dragon heaves itself towards the city. If it cannot be defeated here, then the darkest chapter of the Bible will come true in a horrific way ... The Drachenstich -   is Germany's   the oldest festival with a 500 year tradition - now   to be seen in a new, impressive version: an elaborate enactment full of drama, mysticism, and gripping images of the exuberant life of the middle ages. The parade Live in Furth im Wald means living on the edge. Prosperity and destruction, blooming trade and tiresome reconstruction alternated themselves in this city. On the second Sunday in August centuries of city and border history - become a reality. On this day, from 14:00h the historic parade passes through the further streets. 1400 contributors in original costumes are involved, more than 250 horses, replicas of medieval baggage wagons, carriages, cannons, litters, music groups... It shows how things were done in the castles and palaces - but also how the ordinary people lived, farmers, fishermen, the shopkeeper. The 15th century with its Hussiten wars is biggest theme group in the parade. Many hunters and falconers with their weapons, dogs and   prey are in this group. And also the performers of the Festival "Der Drachenstich" with their entourage.

Slip into the doublet - hang a sword on the side - join in. What the grown-ups can do in Furth, the little ones can do just as well. And that with regard to HISTORIC CHILD FESTIVAL/PARADE during the Drachenstich week. Magicians do magic and fire-eater spit fire. Witches conjure and fakirs ... eh? Well. The highlight of the matter: Everything is real. No television. No computer game. Robin Hood can stay in Hollywood and young Siegfried can get bitten by the dragon. In Furth are the real children of the heroes, the knights and princesses.

The Time Machine makes the Further Schlossplatz an adventure playground like 500 years ago. Around in the streets it goes on: Fencing, throwing, climbing, crossbows and archery, jousting. Do not just simply watch - join in and win beautiful prizes! He who prefers it a little more quiet can visit a puppet theatre, a petting zoo, craftsmen from the middle ages, historical dancers and musicians. Only the adults without costume have to pay admission. Children pay nothing and if they have a historical costume on, they even get a dragon coin as a gift. Attention, secret: Parents can borrow costumes for their children for free! (while supplies last) Always at 14:00h further children perform on the big stage the "small" Drachenstich. (from the nostril to the tip of the tail, the little dragon is 6 meters long. his big brother is 19 meters!). And after that the children play, rage and celebrate - until the evening.

The sword fighting tournament "Only slowly, the defeated imperial army moved back across the border. Individual scattered hordes of soldiers reached the first bastion of the „teutschen Reych“ - Furth im Wald. For a rest the camp before the gates the city and soon also travelling traders and merchants gather, guaranteeing the supply of the defeated combatants. Moreover weapon smith and other workmen offer their goods for sale so that already soon a medieval market covers the river meadows. Waving banners and armed forces show that the defeat of the imperial army could do not diminish the fighting spirit of the knights and soldiers. Moreover clattering fire, selected foods and freshly brewed beer soon let the defeated forget their wounds and pains. With wine, women and song friendships are made, which last a lifetime..."

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