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What do parents and superheroes have in common? Superheroes have superpowers. And the same superpower develops in us when we become parents. There is a superhero in each of us: for example, in some situations we just know what is right for our child. Intuitively. We are there for our offspring at all times of the day and night. But despite all the joy, living with children is also a feat of strength. In order to master it well, even supermom and superdad need some time off.

An ideal place to switch off and recharge is the ULRICHSHOF in the middle of the unspoilt nature of the Bavarian Forest. Here, everyday life recedes into the distance and clears the field for mindfulness. Every Thursday, the 1-hour superhero forest walk with RAIDHO trainer Michaela Lankes is all about focusing on the essentials again: Joy, freedom & lightness.

For Supermum and Superdad!

Time out for superheroes

“Becoming a parent is not hard, but being a parent is very hard!” says the proverb. Parenthood demands a lot from us, because no two days are the same. Life with children is spontaneous and exhausting, beautiful, but also enormously time-consuming and energy-sapping. Time and again we find ourselves doubting ourselves: “Are we good parents?” As long as you believe in yourselves and make your way through everyday family life together, being a parent will bring you pure happiness.

Improvisation & Intuition

You’ve been waiting for it for nine months and now it’s finally here: this little creature that has completely turned your head and given you deep bags under your eyes at the same time. Your baby needs and gets your full attention and turns your everyday life upside down. You become aware of this new and unfamiliar responsibility for a helpless little person during cuddles and moments of happiness full of overflowing love, but especially during sleepless nights and crying spells that go through your spine. Your baby is pure happiness, but also a great challenge.

Everyday life with children can be anything but predictable. In the morning you wanted to go to yoga class, but now you’re at the paediatrician’s because your little one is feverish. At the weekend, the girls’ night out was cancelled because your little one only wants to be with mum. This calls for the greatest flexibility, because everything in your everyday life is completely geared towards the well-being of your little one. It’s a big change, and not only your personal wishes have to take a back seat, but also household chores, hobbies and beauty, among other things. Don’t make this challenging time even more difficult by being a perfectionist. Allow yourself a little more serenity and remember: other parents are in the same situation, even if everything seems perfect with them. Don’t look at what went wrong, but rejoice in what you have achieved and accomplished.

Difficulties in the parent-child relationship

We all know what science calls “parental intuition”: our infallible gut feeling in everyday life with our children. Especially in the beginning, when the baby cannot communicate other than by crying, we intuitively know what our treasure needs. Whether it’s loneliness, hunger or pain – recognising the child’s needs and responding to them lovingly makes a lot of everyday life easier for us. That is the ideal. Sometimes, however, parents can have difficulties empathising with their child. This can be caused by a traumatic birth or postpartum depression.

Love & Gentleness

You may have imagined in the most beautiful colours what it will be like when your baby finally arrives. Only home-cooked porridge is served and at lunchtime, when the baby is asleep, mum also allows herself a nap. And then it happens differently and on a stressful day you have porridge from a jar and the nap is moved into the car because your baby has fallen asleep so beautifully there. Don’t let such experiences frustrate you. Your baby will get through it. And older children can cope well with their parents’ little weaknesses – provided you are open about your feelings.

Becoming a parent is such a big adjustment that no book or magazine can prepare you 100 per cent. But you can trust that you will grow into this role. Every age has its new challenges and joys – enjoy the time together and take on the tasks, so you will always learn new aspects of being a parent and be prepared for the new challenges. Never let love and gentleness fall short, even if your child keeps pushing you into the deep end, and: Don’t constantly compare your child with others, because every child is different and unique.

Learning for life with joy

You want your children to be perceived and supported as individuals with their strengths, weaknesses and preferences? This can be a great challenge, as the ever-increasing pressure to perform not only puts a strain on children, but also on parent-child relationships. Through RAIDHO and the horses, you can learn how to help your children enjoy learning and get good grades without pressure. Are you with us?

– strengthen the ability to concentrate emotional intelligence and resilience
– reduce differences of opinion and arguments with children to a minimum
– Solve learning blockade/ anxiety and make learning fun
– support children optimally in their self-development

For our superheroes ... the + on vacation!

The 1-hour superhero forest walk can be booked directly in the ULRICHSHOF vacation planner.

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