100% pleasure

The physical well-being plays an important role for an all-round perfect vacation. Whether vegetarian, vegan or omnivore: At the ULRICHSHOF you can expect 100% enjoyment through products preferably from healthy, traceable regional production.

Food intolerance?

No problem!

To make your visit to our restaurant easier, we have provided an allergen tablet at the buffet entrance with an overview of the dishes and their ingredients in case of possible intolerances/allergies. We will do our best to cater to you individually and will be happy to advise you in this regard during your stay. Please inform us about allergies and intolerances before your arrival so that we can prepare ourselves optimally. Our kitchen team will certainly find a solution for your individual dietary habits together with you.
From oat to spelt drink, everything is available. As far as possible we do without preservatives and colorings that have to be declared. Furthermore, we also serve from the kitchen the food available at the buffet to avoid cross-contamination. However, we would like to point out that there is no clean room in our kitchen. We always try to avoid this, but we can not exclude traces 100%.

A trio for the high pleasure

Our head chefs

Our trio of chefs work hand in hand to keep things exciting on the plates. But the three of them don’t just cook – each has their own unique talents.

ULRICHSHOF Küchen-Chef Tobias Straten

Tobias Straten

Many a creation starts with him, because he is the quiet tinkerer with an infinite number of ideas that he will probably never run out of.

ULRICHSHOF Küchen-Chefin Laura Raith

Laura Raith

With devotion, she devotes herself like a magic fairy to the decoration on the plates and manages to turn every dish into something extraordinary.



ULRICHSHOF Küchen-Chef Stefan Kühne

Stefan Kühne

As a front man, he has a real entertainer’s heart and knows how to link the many delicacies with charm, wit and a story.


For best taste

State-of-the-art equipment, highly flexible functionality, which also allows the planned use of kitchen robots to support our creative kitchen team. Fresh and in summer air-conditioned room air, ensure a pleasant working. A glass roof over the entire work area provides a generous feeling of space and enables relaxed working under daylight conditions. A storage and logistics system based on current knowledge and taking into account the highest HACCP/hygiene guidelines complete our new kitchen concept.

Indulge in culinary delights
in the "Garden of Eden"!
Fine Dining

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