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Sustainable family holidays

The careful use of natural resources and animal welfare are very important to us. We largely avoid the use of plastic and rely on ecologically sound alternatives. Energy-efficient construction, large-scale photovoltaic systems, our own wood chip heating system and a climate-friendly hotel kitchen make our holidays more sustainable.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable development and social commitment are jointly supported and lived by the management and employees. Therefore, the ULRICHSHOF has participated in a value process and has written down the values in order to make the actions more sustainable. We have defined corporate responsibility for ourselves and support/promote social projects in the region, e.g. we are sponsor of the children’s traffic coloring book “Mit Justus sicher im Straßenverkehr” (“With Justus safe in traffic”) at the kindergarten “Arche Noah Sonnenschein” in Bad Kötzting, which is successfully used there for traffic education.

We are a sponsor of our local football club SV Thenried Damen und Mädchen. We also have a sponsoring partnership with SSV Jahn Regensburg and are involved in the Jahn Kinderwelt.

The ULRICHSHOF offers various program points from the area of nature and wilderness education within the framework of child care. We teach and monitor rules for the careful handling of animals and plants. In addition, we involve our guests in vegetable and herb cultivation and train them pedagogically in this way.

Animal Welfare

We treat our guests to modern and creative nose-to-tail cuisine: out of respect for the animal and the valuable resources that have gone into keeping it, we buy whole cattle and utilize them completely.

Animal Husbandry & Conservation

The ULRICHSHOF is committed to keeping its animals in a species-appropriate manner (according to the guidelines of the ministries of agriculture). We always put animal welfare above the wishes of our guests. Furthermore, we actively educate our guests about the handling/keeping of animals. We use fallow land and convert it into orchards or flower meadows (bees). In addition, we try to do completely without chemical sprays. We provide active insect protection (e.g. with our insect hotel and appropriate planting). In addition, we pay attention to regional, long-term growing plant varieties when planting.

Surface maintenance

The ULRICHSHOF maintains the tree population with professional help and avoids unnecessary tree felling. We plan the garden design from the point of view of water conservation and engage in active water management (e.g. use of rainwater for the toilets). In addition, we refrain from using chemical fertilizers when maintaining the areas.


The ULRICHSHOF was renovated in an energy-efficient natural construction method. Local building materials and craftsmen are used in the construction of new accommodation


We largely avoid the use of plastic and rely on ecologically sound alternatives, without compromising on quality. One example: Our drinking straws in the bars and restaurants are made of bamboo and our ice cream spoons are even edible.


With our wood chip heating system we provide waste disposal in an ecological way: Because for wood chips, extra trees do not have to be felled and processed, but residual wood from domestic forests as well as the “leftovers” of the wood-processing industry are used and a CO2-neutral disposal is ensured.


Responsible use of resources is important to us. That’s why we build on modern energy management, be it through lighting purely with LEDs, the use of motion detectors, timers or twilight.


There is a total of 8,401.86 m2  of photovoltaic panels on our roofs. This enables us to produce an average of 933.54 kWh per year, giving us a degree of self-sufficiency of 51%.



For cleaning and washing, we use eco-cleaning agents and organic cleaning products. In addition, we offer our guests the possibility to waive the daily room cleaning, so that cleaning agents, water, electricity, garbage bags, etc. are saved. In our laundry we use machines of the latest technologies to save water and energy.


In hotel management, we work predominantly paperless. By digitizing our program of the week and introducing our digital vacation planner, we have not only simplified the booking process and optimized the guest experience, but also reduced carbon emissions.

Vehicle fleet

Our compact e-truck, the Goupil G5, is in daily use, for example for the maintenance of green areas, waste collection and control and delivery trips.

Pool water treatment

Ospa’s worldwide patented system generates a chlorozone solution from commercial salt and introduces it into the water circuit. In the bath water is thus odorless bound chlorine produced, which has the well-known hygienizing effect. Furthermore, this method has the side effect of producing a very pleasant, tingling “feel-good” water.

Detailed information:

Thorough cleaning with activated carbon
Disinfection based on common salt
No burning eyes
Constant and optimal water quality
Removal of all odors, colors and tastes thanks to activated carbon filters
Perfected filtration technology
No chlorine smell
Hygienic bathing pleasure

In the Natur-BAD we work with natural/pebble filters.


We source our food from suppliers in the region. We prefer this to always having to rely on certified organic goods, which are often delivered from far away and thus have a poor ecological balance.

Our suppliers


By building a completely ecologically and economically structured kitchen in 2020, we meet the highest standards in terms of energy efficiency in storage and refrigeration.

Drinking water

The drinking water in the ULRICHSHOF is treated with the special Grander technology and is suitable for the preparation of baby food without any restrictions.


Compared to 2020, an average of 25 percent of food waste is saved each month because less food waste is thrown away. This was achieved, among other things, by introducing a new way of presenting cheese and sausage at breakfast time using an etagere (available in the “OHM” menu restaurant).


Sun in the tank

You want to go on vacation with your electric car? No problem! We offer you a convenient charging option for your vehicle. There are ten charging points with regular type 2 connections in car park I. The special feature: The electricity you need comes directly from our hotel’s own photovoltaic system – for environmentally friendly charging during your stay.

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