Bathing experience for the whole family

Water worlds

Our water worlds Felsen-BAD and Wald-BAD and the Natur-BAD in the Eltern-SPA provide rest and relaxation for adults as well as action and fun for babies, kids and teens!

Opening hours, water temperature & depth

Our Felsen-BAD and Wald-BAD bathing worlds are open for you from 07:00-23:00. The Natur-BAD in the Eltern-SPA is open daily from 10:00-23:00.

“Blue Lagoon” baby pool
Water temperature 36 °C, water depth 0,00 – 0,40 m

Indoor children’s pool
Water temperature 30 °C, water depth 0.60 m

Adventure pool with 81 m long tube water slide, pirate ship, rock wall and waterfall
Water temperature 30 °C, water depth 1,35 m

Water temperature 36 °C

Children’s outdoor pool with water cannon
Water temperature 31 °C, water depth 0.60 m (heated only in the bathing season)

Sports pool (18 m)
water temperature 28 °C, water depth 1,35 m

Indoor pool
water temperature 30 °C, water depth 1,35 m

Outdoor pool with massage jets
Water temperature 31 °C, water depth 1.35 m

Natural pool above and below (36 m)

Splash, splash, bathing fun!


The Felsen-BAD transports our guests into a world of adventure and swimming fun. Ideally suited for the whole family, we offer different pools for every age and swimming level.

Pirate world: Let yourself be carried away into a world full of pirates and South Seas secrets! On the pirate ship with slide, especially small water rats have a lot of fun in the wet. For the older kids the children’s pool with 0.60 m water depth is just right. A small water slide and 2 wild fountains provide lots of fun here.

Tube water slide: The absolute hit is the 81-meter long giant water slide, on which you dive back into the pool from a height of over 7 meters after two gyroscopes, a jump and a speed section of over 20 meters.

Waterfall: The rock wall on which our waterfall rushes down from a height of 4 m into the adventure pool has given our rock pool its name. Whether you simply watch this spectacle every 30 minutes or bravely stand under this intense shower – it is always impressive.

Whirlpool: Directly next to the children’s and adventure pool is the 36°C warm whirlpool in an elevated position. Lying in the comfortably warm bubbling water, you can relax and watch the hustle and bustle in the large pool or close your eyes and listen to the sound of the waterfall and dream a little.

Baby pool Blue Lagoon: At a pleasantly warm 36 C° and a water depth of 0.40 m, even babies feel right at home. And if mom or dad also splash around, the happiness of the little water rats is perfect.

Dive in & Dive out


Swim in the sports pool, relax in the pool LOUNGE or splash around with the kids in the warm outdoor POOL – our Wald-BAD offers year-round bathing fun for the whole family.

Indoor & Outdoor POOL: Dive into the water inside and swim outside into the open air: With us, you can enjoy 365 days of warm water outdoors.

Sports POOL: Take a few laps undisturbed early in the morning? In our 18-meter-long sports pool with “infinity edge” you can train your swimming techniques in peace.

Pool LOUNGE: Shielded behind glass, you can enjoy a panoramic view of our water landscape from the “Room of Silence” retreat in the pool area. But you can just as easily take a short break from the fun of the water on the comfortable sofa loungers.

Learn to swim in the


Your child is a little water rat and would prefer not to get out of the pool? Book a swimming course to learn the basic skills or to refine the existing swimming skills.

Swimming course for kids

100 % bathing fun

Sustainable heat generation

Through the in-house wood chip plant, we heat our pools on the basis of renewable raw materials. Thus, the heat is generated in a sustainable way and completely without gas.


In our Family SPA in the Felsen-BAD, our little guests are also allowed to sweat and then stand under the ice-cold showers. Unlike conventional steam baths, here the family sauna in swimwear at pleasant temperatures so that the children can enjoy the SPA experience together with their parents. Nothing stands in the way of a nap afterwards: relax with your children in our rest area or drink a cup of tea together before heading back down the water slide.

At low temperature and medium humidity, fragrant aromatic scents are added, which have a soothing and relaxing effect on body, soul and spirit. The warming room stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the immune system at a mild heat of about 40 °C.

Taking a sauna is a healthy pleasure for young and old. Even small children can tolerate a sweat session well. With temperatures up to 75 °C and very low humidity, the sauna is a healthy sweating experience for the whole family.

At low temperature and high humidity, aromatic fragrances are added, which have a soothing and relaxing effect on body, soul and spirit. The well-tolerated steam and inhalation bath opens the respiratory tract, stimulates the metabolism at a mild heat of about 45 °C and strengthens the immune system.