Oasis of relaxation

A wellness oasis just for the grown-ups: Adults from the age of 16 are guaranteed to enjoy absolute peace and quiet in the Eltern-SPA in the Wald-BAD, which is reserved especially for them. Whether indoors or outdoors, steam bath or sauna, hot or humid: relaxation can be so easy! Of course, water, tea and fresh fruit are always available. Cosy loungers, water beds and massage loungers pamper body and soul.
Please note that this area is a textile-free zone. This means that it is possible for guests to be out and about without clothing. We would like to point out that wearing clothes is optional and you can choose according to your own comfort level. Our aim is to create an atmosphere of calm and well-being where every guest can feel free to relax and enjoy the amenities of our Eltern-SPA.


Finnish panoramic pond sauna: Finnish sauna is the most traditional form of sauna. While the room temperature is about 80°C, the humidity is rather low between 15 and 30%. Therefore, there are regular infusions there to increase the humidity and felt with it the temperature. The increase in humidity causes more sweating and thus revs up the metabolism and strengthens the immune system.

Bio sauna: You can take a sauna in our bio sauna with increased humidity, which is easy on the circulation. The temperature is 55°C.

Herbal steam bath: At low temperature and high humidity, fragrant aromatic scents are added, which have a soothing and relaxing effect on body, soul and spirit. The well-tolerated steam and inhalation bath opens the respiratory tract, stimulates the metabolism at a mild heat of about 45°C and strengthens the immune system.

Aroma steam bath: Minty scents, a low temperature and high humidity relaxes and regenerates not only the muscles but also the respiratory tract.

Infrared cabin: For tense muscles a real boon: the warming rays of the infrared cabin. The visual effect in the cabin transports you to a dreamlike forest landscape.

(Dom sauna: coming in 2025)

Cuddly warm time out

A very special place is our fire lounge in the Parents SPA. Relax, chat in a cozy atmosphere or simply indulge in sweet idleness by the open fire.

Time out in a feel-good atmosphere

Whether it’s comfortable chaise lounges, a floating double bed, super comfy water beds, stylish lounge furniture on the terrace or just a seat on one of the many green spaces: Guaranteed you will find one or even several favorite spots.

Relaxation room "Water

Relax and doze on waterbeds while watching the clouds float by in the sky through large panoramic windows. This is the right place to let your thoughts run free.

Relaxation room "Air"

Alone or as a couple, float on the comfortable floating bed, deeply relaxed, into the land of dreams and enjoy the view of the natural bathroom. Simply heavenly!

Resting pool

The natural POOL surrounds the parents’ SPA and, together with the four-poster beds in the garden terraces, forms a dreamlike relaxation zone exclusively for adults aged 16 and over. The natural POOL with its impressive length of 36 m invites you to swim extensively in the natural wet.

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