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Riding & Animals

In the hotel’s own riding stable, both beginners and advanced riders will get their money’s worth: longeing lessons, riding lessons, horse lore or simply cuddling with the ponies and the other petting animals – a dream for all animal-loving guests.

With 1 hp towards happiness

From the back of a horse you look at the world in a completely different way. You leave the past and thoughts of the future behind and you feel the magic of the moment. Now is the perfect opportunity to rediscover exactly this magic. So let’s dare and get back in the saddle! Because you don’t forget how to ride, your brain and body remember the movements. Let’s ride together towards happiness and awaken the feeling of inner freedom. Whether alone or together with mom and or dad: With us, small and big riders can experience this wonderful adventure.

The Bavarian Forest is perfect for horseback riding in the still untouched nature in many places. From the stable, you can ride directly through the forest, across flowering meadows in summer or even through a fairytale winter landscape on a journey of discovery.

4-star superior for the horses

  • light-flooded indoor riding arena 20 x 50 meters
  • outdoor arena 20 x 35 meters
  • lunging hall
  • horse walker
  • Boxes with paddocks
  • Open stable
  • Paddocks
  • 55 ha of terrain

Our riding stable offers

On the back of our small and large ponies, a walk through the Bavarian Forest is exciting even for novice riders.

Prices & booking in the Ferienplaner

When the weather is nice in summer, we saddle up our ponies and take a walk through the beautiful countryside for a fun picnic.


Prices & booking in the Ferienplaner

In a basic course the children learn everything they need to know about horses.

Prices & booking in the Ferienplaner

For big & small horse fans

Our petting animals

The numerous four-legged ULRICHSHOF residents are only too happy to let you pet them and observe their activities. Whether large or small – they all live peacefully next to each other and can move freely. The ponies and horses graze in the paddocks during the day and rest in the stable at night. The donkeys have a living community with the goats in the forest playground, and there the hares also have a large enclosure with their own wooden houses. The dogs and cats like to run around the ULRICHSHOF to see if all the guests are still there. In between, they love to be petted by you.

Cuddling desired!


“Children, please come, we want dinner …” Should this call remain unheard, it is recommended to look for the offspring in the stable or with the petting animals in the forest playground. Especially the little ones forget time and the world around them. No wonder, because who did not like to hold and protect a cuddly animal as a child? During stable work like feeding and mucking out, children gain important experiences, especially if they can’t have a pet at home. In our 3-hour Wald&StallZEIT, experiences in nature and moments of happiness are waiting for the children, which are characterized by the feeling of freedom.

Pony Camp

Our Pony Camp is as individual as you are. Riding lessons, forest playground, guided rides and a colorful leisure program await you – and so much more that you would never have expected. Because the motto of our Pony Camp is: We have fun together! That’s why there is no fixed program, but you decide what you want to do. No matter if you are a girl or a boy, a beginner or an advanced rider – we take a lot of time for you and make your personal highlight possible.

We place special emphasis on respectful and species-appropriate handling of the animals. Whether we get to know the horses, get the old Porsche Master from great-grandpa and drive it until everyone is guaranteed to have had a go, or whether we roll around in the mud and are allowed to be really dirty for once: A day is only perfect when we all wish it would never end. And because that happens all the time, we’ll never run out of ideas for new adventures. Are you with us? 1, 2, 3 Pony Camp – Hooray!

The offer is subject to a charge.

Boundless fun

Dates Pony Camp

July 2024

02-03 July | 09-10 July | 16-17 July | 23-24 July | 30-31 July

August 2024

06-07 August | 13-14 August | 20-21 August | 27-28 August

September 2024

03-04 September

October 2024

01–02 October | 08–09 October | 15–16 October | 22–23 October | 29–30 October

Magic power

EMALAMA Raidho Kids

“Now is the time for lightheartedness and ease, because that is exactly the state in which you are no longer afraid. Look at the children: they live in the present moment, and the world around them seems to be there solely for them to fully engage with, play with and explore everything that seems exciting to them. When you live like this and are no longer afraid, you can grow without limits and create everything in your life that you long for …”

When we watch children at the horses it is always fascinating how happy they are and how their eyes shine. The children enter, dive down and are immediately in the world of horses. The fascination of horses – being free, relaxed, detached – makes them happy. In this way, adolescents learn to cope better with perceptions and feelings. Resilience is strengthened and emotional intelligence is increased.

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