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The nature of the Bavarian Forest has become a design principle in the Waldpassage: Via bridges and forest paths, you move through various, unusual and oversized organic forms of architecture, which are arranged all around like typical trees of the region. In addition to comfortable seating, you can get information about the diverse beauty offers at the SPA reception and do a little shopping on the side.

Cosmetics in a natural way

A large selection of natural care products from the well-known manufacturers Gertraud Gruber and BABOR, can be found in the Beauty-BOX opposite our SPA reception. Skin compatibility and exclusively natural care ingredients are guaranteed. Our beauticians will be happy to advise you.

The Beauty-BOX is open during the day. If it is closed, please contact our Wald-SPA team or the concierge.

Shopping the ULRICHSHOF way

In our UH-BOX you will find supplies, newspapers and magazines, postcards, decorative items, swimming and bathing equipment, toys and, of course, various ULRICHSHOF accessories such as T-shirts or Yolybsi stuffed animals.

We look forward to your purchase.

Opening hours: Daily from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Style shopping in EMALAMA Kūʻai Gallery

Small collection, unique pieces for special occasions, timeless elegance, photographs and much more. A corner in the gallery is for treasure hunters, collectors and strollers, because sometimes true treasures are hidden there, just waiting to be discovered.

The EMALAMA Kūʻai Gallery is open during the day. If it is closed, please contact our forest SPA team or the concierge.

My work is about two things: the way to feel and the way to translate that feeling into action.

Michaela Lankes

The detail in focus

The big picture

I am a photographic globetrotter, looking for adventure and beauty everywhere. As a lover of aesthetics and with attention to detail, my work is classified as artistic photography. With my boundless energy, imagination and creativity, I capture the magic of the moment. My work is about two things: the way to feel and the way I translate that feeling into action. It is not the technique that is relevant, but the detail. I pay attention to every detail and am not satisfied until I can feel the image and see the magic in it. Through my heart and soul, I create something completely new from what is already there. Because in the amount of images that we encounter day after day, there are only a few that really reach us, that touch us, captivate us, fascinate us. That is why passion is so important: it is what gives the images honesty, direction and mood. My unmistakable signature is reflected in all the pictures, each one representing my own interpretation of things. In the ULRICHSHOF I have the absolute creative freedom for individuality.
Welina ALOHA, Michaela Lankes


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It’s best to book your photo shoot right from home so we can accommodate your preferred date. Since our shoots are very popular, it is sometimes difficult to accept appointments at short notice.
Cancellation: It is a great pity if an appointment is cancelled although other guests would have liked to take it. In case of cancellations within 48 hours before the appointment or no-shows without cancelling the appointment, we unfortunately have to charge 100% of the price, as far as the appointment cannot be given to someone else.

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