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The wellness hotel
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Welcome to us in the dreamlike Bavarian Forest, which with its cultivated cultural landscape is not only one of the most densely wooded, but certainly also one of the most beautiful low mountain ranges in Bavaria, Germany and Europe.

At the ULRICHSHOF, families can expect a feel-good vacation in a class of its own: with ultra-modern infrastructure and unique architecture, the ULRICHSHOF has been offering exclusive and individual family vacations at a continuously increasing level for over 30 years. We want all our guests to feel their very own sense of well-being and take home impressive memories.

Fairy tale
beautiful vacation

Arrive by car

In the navigation system of your car you will find the ULRICHSHOF (with a few exceptions) as a special destination under hotels. Otherwise you can calculate the optimal route for your journey with the route planner. In this case, enter Zettisch as the destination. The optimal connection from the surrounding highways to us can be seen from the above directions and route sketch.

Arrive by train

For a train journey to Furth i. Wald/Bayerischer Wald you can use the train information. If you choose the train journey, we ask you to contact the reception for the transfer. We will be happy to book a punctual and comfortable pick-up by cab for you.

Arrive by plane

To find out the flight connection to Munich or Nuremberg that suits you, you can use the flight information to display the flight that suits you. Also with this form of arrival, we ask you to contact the reception for the transfer. You will then be picked up punctually and comfortably by cab at the terminal.

Unser Team

Ihre Ansprechpartner

Bei Reservierungsanfragen senden Sie bitte eine E-Mail an


Ulrich N. Brandl (Owner/Managing Partner)
Nikolaus Brandl,
Benjamin Brandl,
Michaela Lankes

Assistance to the management
Adina Köberl, +49 (0) 9977 / 950 – 137


Mon-Sun: 09:00-18:00

Reservation Manager
Emal Azad, +49 (0) 99 77 / 950 – 0




Reception Manager
Theresa Wittmann, +49 (0) 99 77 / 950 – 0




Guest Relations
Pauline Schmidbauer, +49 (0) 99 77 / 950 – 0




Contact childcare
Michaela Lankes, Tamara Hausmann +49 (0) 99 77 / 950 – 130


Mon-Sun: 08:15-17:30

Contact Wald-SPA
Joachim Roiger, +49 (0) 99 77 / 950 – 400


Housekeeping Manager
Denisa Chmelikova, Tina Sejbova,  +49 (0) 99 77 / 950 – 124


Restaurant Manager
Pamela Konetschny, +49 (0) 99 77 / 950 – 457

Deputy Restaurant Manager
Diana Stangl, Ronny Sommer-Schilling, +49 (0) 99 77 / 950 – 457


Human Resources Management
Julia Dobmeier, +49 (0) 99 77 / 950 – 125

WhatsApp: +49(0)9977950125



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