Happy together

Whether playing and crafting indoors, making new friends or letting off steam outside on the forest playground: Where children feel at home, vacation fun for the whole family is guaranteed!

All around child care

With us, your children will be welcomed with warmth by a trained team consisting of pedagogical staff, childcare workers and entertainers. With a varied indoor and outdoor program, the childcare team ensures a happy, exuberant time for at least 250 hours per week, so that the young guests feel their very own sense of well-being and take home impressive memories. In the childcare rooms “Zwergerlstübchen” and “Tohuwabohu” children are among children. Numerous creative activities and age-appropriate toys and activity areas await them there.

For guest children from around 8 years of age, our animation program offers fun and adventure in rallies, sports games, film shoots, creative and technical workshops, themed activities and much more. Whether indoors in the cinema or outdoors in the herb patch, whether with a magic wand in hand or a pencil: in the various workshops, fun and a sense of achievement are guaranteed.

Daily program points of the indoor childcare

09:00-09:15 Good morning dance with Yolybsi in Schrazeltal
09:00-12:00 Free play time in the parlor (up to 2 years)
09:00-20:00 Free play time in the Tohuwabohu (from 3 years)
10:00-10:45 Guided creative activities in the “Zwergerl
10:00-17:00 Handicraft activities in the Tohuwabohu
10:45-11:30 Guided creative activities in the “Zwergerl
12:00-12:30 Supervised lunch at Zwergerl
12:00-20:00 Free play time in the Tohuwabohu (also for children under 2 years)
17:30-18:00 Supervised dinner at Tohuwabohu
18:30-19:30 Children’s cinema
19:45-20:00 Good night story in the cinema in Schrazeltal
from 20:00 Family or youth cinema

The current daily program can be found in the Ferienplaner and on the info screens.


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Best care at any time
Kinderbetreuung im Tohuwabohu ULRICHSHOF




Tipi im Waldspielplatz im ULRICHSHOF



Riding & animals

Great offer for the very young


The “Zwergerlstübchen” area consists of two rooms with different functions: In the room “Zwergerl” the supervised lunch takes place. In the adjoining “Stübchen”, toddlers aged 0-2 years are looked after in the mornings. Depending on the daily program, guided creative activities take place twice a day in the “Zwergerl”.

In the “Stübchen” room, the toddlers are animated with age-appropriate toys and the team provides needs-oriented care. If your child gets tired during the care time in the “Stübchen”, there is the possibility to have the morning nap in the stroller or in a cuddly crib. Likewise, the caregivers will gladly take over the care of your child, should it be necessary. In consultation, we will also inform you as soon as your child becomes tired or if you do not want your child to be changed during care time.

Please book your child’s participation in supervised meals, creative or childcare activities via the Ferienplaner.

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Colorful fun


In the Tohuwabohu play area, children between 3-12 years old will find suitable toys and creative activities appropriate to their age. The childcare workers are on hand to assist the young guests during free play and take care of the feel-good factor during shared play. At the painting and craft table, the children can create freely or meet here for a short snack, if the little hunger makes itself felt.

In the doll corner, at the market stall or at the dress-up box, the kids slip into adult or fantasy roles and re-enact things they have experienced or invented. It gets cozy during the reading sessions in the rocking room, where the little ones can also take a break from playing. The back area of the Tohuwabohu offers plenty of space for construction, building and train games, as well as for board and table games – and in between there is plenty of unplanned fun with the wonderful light-heartedness of wanting.

Please register your child for free play time via the Ferienplaner.

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Flexible & reliable


Late riser service

Sufficient sleep is healthy! And if your child is an early riser, then he or she may already play with us in the childcare while you snuggle up in bed once again and do something for your health. If you wish, the nanny will pick up your child from the room and according to your instructions we will have breakfast together. The care of the little early risers takes place in the “Stübchen”.

Please indicate when booking on which days you would like to use this service – at the latest 24 hours in advance. Details of care will be arranged on site.

Mon-Sun bookable from 07:00, per child per hour 15€, each additional child of the same family € 7,50.
Exceptions: Wednesday & Sunday free of charge

From 09:00 am your child takes part in the group care in the Tohuwabohu or in the Stübchen (depending on age).
Please book the appropriate care time via the Ferienplaner.

Evening care

You have booked a candlelight dinner, want to go to the cocktail evening in the “Crazy Horse Saloon” or make a visit to the casino in Bad Kötzting? Enjoy the atmospheric hours for two with the knowledge that a babysitter will take care of your child should it wake up.

Evening care can be booked by arrangement. Please indicate when booking on which evenings you would like to use this service – at the latest 24 hours in advance. Care details will be arranged on site.

Mon-Sun bookable
per child per hour 15€, each additional child of the same family € 7,50.

Our mascots

Yolybsi & friends

When the ULRICHSHOF was founded in 1992, two dogs, the St. Bernards “Yolly” (pronounced Jolly) and “Ybsi” (pronounced Übsi), also lived at the ULRICHSHOF. When we were looking for a name for our new mascot, we created the name “Yolybsi” (pronounced Jolübsi) from the two unusual dog names without further ado.

Since Yolybsi loves our guest children more than anything, he meets with them every morning at 9 o’clock in the Schrazeltal for a good morning dance. This way everyone wakes up and can start the ULRICHSHOF adventure with lots of energy and fun! Over the years, Yolybsi has made many friends, such as Pirate Pitt, the kangaroo Skippy as well as the clown Happy. Together they bring a lot of joy to our guest children and are up for any kind of fun.


More birthday fun

Birthday Packages

Would you also like to enjoy your child’s birthday for once?
Then celebrate with us at the ULRICHSHOF! Please simply fill out the request (PDF file) completely and send it by e-mail to
Attention: Bookings not possible during Bavarian holiday periods; max. 2 accompanying adults (additional adults may be booked via the Day-SPA rate subject to availability).

Bathing fun in the Felsen-BAD

Play and water fun with your best friends! Before getting into the water, discover the forest playground and then partake in the lunch buffet. And then there’s no stopping you: change quickly and head for the rock pool: a baby pool with a water depth of 30 cm, a children’s pool with a depth of 60 cm, a 1.30-meter-deep heated adventure pool and a pleasantly warm whirlpool await you – all surrounded by a tropical fantasy landscape with trees and plants, a tree house and tree huts, as well as a steep rock wall and a four-meter-high waterfall. The absolute hit is the 81-meter lonFg tube water slide!

Recommended for children 3 years and older.
Only bookable with private escort
Only bookable from 10:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Min. Number of participants: 4 kids incl. birthday child
Max. Number of participants: 10 kids incl. birthday child

Included Services:

  • Entrance to Felsen-BAD, play garage and forest playground
  • Lunch buffet incl. drinks
  • Coffee and hot chocolate with cake buffet 15:00-16:00
  • Drinks at the Wald-BAR

Price per child 0 – 5 years: € 17,50
Price per child 6 – 15 years: € 21,50
Price per adult: € 39,00

Optionally bookable: ULRICHSHOF Birthday Gugelhupf (25,- €)

Everything but boredom

You and your friends will be welcomed by our entertainer from the childcare and you will spend a varied afternoon full of action and fun together. At the cheerfully set birthday table in the restaurant, the ULRICHSHOF birthday cake is waiting for you and then it’s off to archery and the outdoor climbing wall (alternatively horse riding). You can play and romp in the play garage and on the forest playground. With a ravenous appetite, it’s back to the restaurant for everyone to enjoy the ULRICHSHOF Partyreindl.

Recommended for children from 8 years
Only bookable 14:00 h – 17:30 h
Min. number of participants: 4 kids incl. birthday child
Max. number of participants: 8 kids incl. birthday child

Included Services:

  • Supervision 14:00 h – 17:30 h
  • Entrance to the forest playground
  • Archery
  • Action at the outdoor climbing wall (alternatively horse riding)
  • Drinks (water, lemonade, apple juice)
  • ULRICHSHOF birthday cake
  • ULRICHSHOF Partyreindl (French fries with chicken nuggets + ketchup and mayonnaise)

Price per child: € 33,00, from 3rd adult add. each 39,- €

Pony birthday in the stable

A party with best friends and real ponies – the absolute hit for all horse lovers! You will spend the whole afternoon with the ponies, groom them, ride them, take them for a walk and have a picnic with them in the meadow – including a ULRICHSHOF birthday cake. In between, you will learn many interesting things about the life of a pony. When the ponies are tired and need a break from the party, you can let off steam in the play garage or at the forest playground.

Recommended for children 7 years and older
Bookable only 2:00 – 5:30 pm
Min. Number of participants: 4 kids incl. birthday child
Max. Number of participants: 8 kids incl. birthday child

Included Services:

  • Group supervision by a pony professional
  • Small horse lesson
  • Pony round
  • Pony picnic
  • ULRICHSHOF birthday cake
  • Drinks (water, lemonade, apple juice)
  • Admission to play garage and forest playground

Price per child: € 34.00, from 3rd adult add. each 39,- €
A liability waiver must be completed for each child.

Liability waiver

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