Feinschmecker-Restaurant Geisterwald im Ulrichshof
Feinschmecker-Restaurant Geisterwald im Ulrichshof
Feinschmecker-Restaurant- Zauberwald im Ulrichshof
Feinschmecker-Restaurant- Zauberwald im Ulrichshof

Restaurant area "Zauberwald"

No pomp, no kitsch, but nature, clear design and ample space to wonder. Different rooms, cozy niches and different table shapes on several levels divide the three spacious restaurant areas into small and quiet areas, where each family finds their own free space and every child a little secret.

The restaurant area "Zauberwald" is divided into three different lounges, which bear the names in the Bavarian forest of native tree species. Here you will find the birch, beech, and fir lounge.

What all three restaurant forests unite is the creative yet discreet use of untreated natural materials such as bark, fleece or moss, which here and there simply seems to grow out of the walls, thus ensuring a good room climate. These rough, tangible structures give the airy-bright rooms a certain earth connection, which effectively brings the Bavarian forest inside.

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