Since Easter 2024:

Our novelties

For more than three years, we planned the next big steps to further develop your holiday home, the ULRICHSHOF, into the best children’s hotel in Europe. On 8 November 2021, construction phase I of our extension of the existing lobby, new construction of the hotel entrance with “Ulrichsplatz”, the new parking garage and park with pedal car driving course started. On 7 February 2022, construction phase II began with the demolition of the play barn and construction of the new Bergschloss with 32 family suites, the new 10,000 m² play barn, called “Spiel-KISTE”, and the “OHM” restaurant. Since 10 January 2022, we have been facing the challenge of running a hotel with simultaneous construction work. At Easter 2024, we reached another milestone: the suites on the 6th floor of the Bergschloss, the first gaming level in the brand new Spiel-KISTE and the “OHM” menu restaurant were completed! Here you can find the new highlights at ULRICHSHOF.


Novelties in the Spiel-KISTE

Adventure and fun amid castles, gorges and dragons


Discover the ultimate climbing paradise, an adventure playground that combines imagination and athleticism! At the heart of this magical place is a giant climbing tree whose branches reach up to the sky, perfect for little adventurers. Slide down into a world of excitement and fun, where a majestic castle awaits brave explorers. Venture through the climbing gorge, a challenge that requires skill and courage. And the highlight: a friendly dragon that watches over paradise and takes children’s hearts by storm. A place where dreams come true and every child becomes the hero of their own story!

Open since Easter 2024

Where art meets play and movement!


Discover the other adventure areas in the Spiel-KISTE, where fun and games for the whole family take centre stage! A variety of entertaining activities that will delight children and parents alike are available. From classic table tennis and table football to modern air hockey – there’s something for everyone here. But also experience digital innovations with the ‘iWall’, an interactive game wall, and two adventure trampolines that take you into a unique digital world while the painted characters of our little adventurers come to life. Simply the perfect place to laugh, play and experience unforgettable moments together. Here, every visit becomes a unique adventure full of joy and creativity.

Opening date

Adventure room: Open since Easter 2024
Mega indoor climbing wall over 3 floors: 2025

A play of light and magic


Discover the evolution of the sandpit at the ULRICHSHOF. A mysterious room that plays with light and shadow and takes you into a world full of magic and adventure. Over the course of the year, a bouldering wall illuminated by projectors comes to life here, transforming every movement into a fascinating play of light. From Easter, however, you will already find our interactive sandpit, where beams of light transform the sand landscapes into changing, colourful worlds. In this oasis of creativity and imagination, shadows become your playmates and the light reveals hidden treasures. Step into a space that is not only playfully challenging, but also enchants your senses and transports you into a world where reality and fantasy merge.


Interactive sandpit: Open since Easter 2024
Interactive bouldering wall: until the end of 2024


Your space to chill out and play


Welcome to “Fuchs BAU”, the retreat for teens that combines relaxation, fun and creativity. Relax in the beanbags and enjoy the cool atmosphere. For gamers, there are the latest console games on PS5 and X-Box. Our teens-only lounge is more than just a place to hang out – it’s a space that celebrates your interests and creativity. Whether you want to relax, play games or just hang out with friends, you’ll find your perfect spot here. Step into a world made just for teens!

Open since Easter 2024


Novelties in the Spiel-KISTE

The joy of jumping!


Welcome to the trampoline hall, where simple fun takes centre stage. Here we offer a selection of classic and bungee trampolines and our bouncy castle, perfect for anyone who wants to experience the pure pleasure of bouncing. Here you can take off in a safe and fun environment, whether you are a beginner or an experienced trampoline jumper. Enjoy the feeling of weightlessness and the freedom of flying through the air while you laugh and play. You’ll also find a bouncy castle here! We will soon be expanding our range with interactive trampoline games that add a new dimension of fun. Come and jump happily in our world of easy and carefree bouncing fun!


(Bungee) trampolines & bouncy castle: Open since Easter 2024
100 m², double-decker climbing net under the ceiling: 2025

The ultimate adventure


Experience a ride full of adventure on our spectacular pedal car track, which extends both through the indoor area of the play box and out into the open air. Drive under the Drach’nburg tree house and feel the magic of the place as you glide around the bend on your pedal car. Our track is perfect for little explorers and young racers who want to enjoy both the joys of outdoor driving and the unique experience of an indoor track. Every bend brings new surprises and challenges, whether you’re twisting and turning in the shade of the climbing structures or whizzing along under the open sky. A place where speed meets play and fun is guaranteed for all ages. Fasten your seatbelt and get pedalling for an unforgettable ride!

Indoor track: Whitsun 2024
Outdoor track: In the course of 2024

Journeys of discovery in a modern children's paradise


The “Nest’erl” opens its doors at Pentecost and welcomes you to an innovative childcare area that promises far more than just fun and games. In this spacious and open-plan space, children can enjoy a state-of-the-art childcare concept that skilfully interweaves experience and learning with entertainment. Every activity is carefully designed to nurture children’s creativity, social skills and intellectual curiosity. Accompanied by a team of experienced carers who guide every step of this exciting learning journey, the “Nest’erl” provides a safe and stimulating environment in which each child can discover and deepen their own interests. Join us in celebrating the opening of this unique childcare paradise that sets new standards in child development.

Opening: Pentecost 2024

Magic world for the youngest guests


Discover the brand new crawling area in the Spiel-KISTE, designed especially for our youngest guests. In this lovingly designed area, toddlers can discover the world in a safe and stimulating environment. Soft mats and colourful toys invite them to explore, while age-appropriate slides and play triangles ensure happy laughter. Every corner is designed to encourage curiosity and develop motor skills through play. The range of sensory activities – from bright colours to fascinating shapes – is perfectly tailored to the little ones’ love of discovery. Here, parents can relax and watch their children blossom into a world of wonder and learning. Here, every moment is filled with smiles, wonder and the magic of beginnings.

Opening: Pentecost 2024

Culinary delights above the roofs of the ULRICHSHOF

Culinary delights by "OHM"

Immerse yourself in the world of culinary flights of fancy – in our new “OHM” menu restaurant, which promises a culinary journey above the rooftops of the ULRICHSHOF that is as unforgettable as the view. In the midst of modern elegance and natural aesthetics, our new “OHM” menu restaurant offers a breathtaking ambience that enchants with its open architecture and carefully selected elements from nature. Surrounded by lush greenery, warm wood, earthy colours and soft lighting, you can enjoy exquisite menus carefully prepared with regional and seasonal ingredients. Whether for a romantic dinner for two or a cosy get-together with friends – the “OHM” not only offers a culinary experience, but is also a visual feast for the senses.

(Interior Design EMALAMA by Michaela Lankes)

Open since Easter 2024

Bridge with business lounge


Welcome to the floating platform “Bruck” – the connecting element between the majestic mountain castle and the spectacular Spiel-KISTE. This bridge is more than just a path between two buildings: it is a space of freedom and the connection between buildings and nature. Here you can feel the energy of the sky and enjoy the endless expanse of the landscape. Whether for a moment of silence or to share the lightness of being, this platform invites you to connect with the world. With its open design and airy structure, it reminds us that we are all part of a greater whole – a world full of possibilities and adventure. So come by, sit down and indulge yourself while being close to the sky.

(Design by Emalama)

Open since Easter 2024


Novelties from 2025

Master the mystery - for young and old


Step into a world of exciting puzzles and mysterious stories. Our Family Escape Rooms are a paradise for all puzzle fans aged 12 and over who are ready to immerse themselves in an adventure full of secrets and discoveries. With ingenuity and teamwork, you can decipher the clues and find your way to freedom. But that’s not all – there’s also something for our younger guests aged 6 and over to discover: an adventure specially tailored to their abilities and imagination. Here, curious children become real junior detectives who playfully learn to master tricky situations together. Families and friends can come together to overcome challenges and create unforgettable memories. Are you ready to master the mystery?

Opening: 2025


Mini golf and enjoying nature with a view


Experience an oasis of leisure in the exclusive park on the roof of the Spiel-KISTE. With a charming minigolf course that blends artfully into the landscape, this green retreat above the rooftops offers a perfect mix of play, sport and relaxation. Each course is a little adventure in itself, designed to be fun and challenge your skills at the same time. But that’s not all: surrounded by green spaces and relaxing quiet zones, you can also simply unwind up here and let your gaze wander over the surrounding area. Whether you enjoy a gentle shot at mini golf or settle down on one of the benches to read a good book – this is your perfect place to switch off and enjoy yourself. Come up to us and discover your green time-out!

Rooftop Park: Summer 2024
Minigolf: 2025

New suites from Easter and Whitsun

New room highlights

from € 2,424

approx. 150 m²
4 adults, 4 children and 1 infant or
2 adults, 6 children and 1 infant

Penthouse (air conditioning & pool)

from € 1,624

Expected to be available from: Whitsun 2024
approx. 100 m²
4 adults, 4 children and 1 infant or
2 adults, 6 children and 1 infant

Pool suite 100 m²

from € 1,280

Expected to be available from: Whitsun 2024
approx. 75 m²
3 adults, 2 children and 1 infant or
2 adults, 3 children and 1 infant

Pool suite 75 m²

from € 350

approx. 80 m²
max. 2 adults and 2 children and 2 infants

Luxury Suite Hohen Bogen (air-conditioned)

from € 350

approx. 70 m²
max. 2 adults and 4 children and 1 infant

Luxury Suite Haidstein (air-conditioned)

from € 279

Expected to be available from: May 2024
approx. 45 m²
max. 2 adults and 2 children and 1 infant

Suite Midi (air-conditioned)


The shell of the new buildings Bergschloss (with 32 new suites), 10,000 m² Spiel-KISTE and restaurant “OHM” has already been completed. The interior work has thus begun, which has already greatly reduced* the construction site noise. Visual and acoustic disturbances continue to occur in the suites of the Waldschloss building and in the outdoor area of the Eltern-SPA.

From Easter 2024, the new Spiel-KISTE will feature a climbing world over 2 floors, a huge indoor/outdoor pedal car track, a multifunctional ball sports hall and a teens-only chill-out area. The other play areas with Escape Room, Jump&Run trampolines, interactive climbing wall, mega climbing rock over 5 floors and much more will be opened gradually so that there is always something new to discover on every holiday.

For the rooms in the Waldschloss building, a construction site discount on the total price will nevertheless be granted in the holiday offer**. In addition, affected families will receive an additional 5% discount on a further future stay after completion of the construction site activities. This is also automatically stored in your guest profile.

You do not want construction site noise under any circumstances?

Please contact us!

We will be very happy to reserve a room for you in a building away from the construction site, subject to availability. In these rooms, almost no noise pollution from the construction site is to be expected.

Other impairments
All services as well as the majority of all games are still available.

Your safety is our highest good

All construction site traffic is completely disconnected from guest traffic routes. Accidental “straying” onto the construction site is impossible. Nevertheless, we will be happy to offer guided tours of the construction site (see Ferienplaner).

*Note: There may still be construction site noise on weekdays between 07:00 and 18:00.

**Please note that the construction site discounts (on the current and one further future stay) are granted as a fair offer to avoid travel price reduction claims. We clearly communicate the impairments and therefore ask for waiver of possible further claims upon acceptance of these discounts. Of course, this does not apply to other justified complaints whose cause cannot be attributed to the construction site. Please also note that the construction site information provided here is a snapshot. It cannot be ruled out that individual circumstances will change in the course of time and that information here will therefore have to be updated. Should relevant information change, we will indicate this here.

Please note that the photos shown on this page are only examples. The majority of our offerings are still under construction and the final design may differ from the images shown. We are working hard to bring you the full and real impressions of our exciting new facilities soon. Thank you for your understanding and patience.