Apartment Mini

1 - 3 people / 22 - 28m²

Apartment Mini

1 - 3 people / 22 - 28m²

Comfortable all-wood furniture spreads the cosy feeling of warmth and tranquillity – perfect for the first holiday for three.
(not renovated)

– spacious adult bed (2.10 x 1.80 m)
– partly with terrace
– suitable for families with a small child

PLEASE note: due to low availability, this category can only be booked during the Bavarian carnival, Easter and autumn holidays as well as over New Year’s Eve by telephone or by means of an enquiry by e-mail.

from € 204

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“Be warned: you won’t be able to persuade your kids to go home so easily.”

Julia Münkle from Fancy Family Escapes

“When I grow up, I’ll come to Ulrichshof with my children!”

Morris, 9 years

“This is an absolute wish-fulfilment hotel!”


Claudia E.

“We booked again straight after driving home. Need I say more?”

Dorothea H.

“Most beautiful hotel ever! It’s like being in a giant tree house!”

Christina B.

“We are absolutely convinced by this family hotel. Arrive and from the first minute relax for the whole family.”

Melanie C.

“This place is truly exceptional! My stay at the Ulrichshof was unique and can hardly be topped.”


Marc W.

“I don’t want to go home any more!”

Paul, 8 years

“It was wonderful as always! You are our place of strength!”

Ines S.

“This is not a hotel, it’s a feel-good place.”

Tim A.

“This is the best holiday in the world!”

Magdalena, 8 years

“Great fun for the kids, pure relaxation for us parents, the food is super tasty … 10 stars!!!”

Gregor M.

“Once Ulrichshof – always Ulrichshof!”

Ingo N.

“This was the best time of my life!”

Celina, 12 years

Ulrichshof is ignition key holiday: remove the ignition key – holiday begins.”

Angie M.

“Super kids’ hotel for all ages. Lots of opportunities to play, both indoors and outdoors. First class catering and something…

Andreas T.

“For me, the most beautiful kids’ hotel in the world!”

Benjamin Gimbert from Sand im Gepäck

“We have been going to the Ulrichshof for almost 10 years now and it gets better and better each time!”

Fabian B.

“The greatest joy is the anticipation of the Ulrichshof!”

Pernilla, 14 years

“All-round service to feel good! This is how I imagine a holiday for me as a mother!”

Anna F.