The ULRICHSHOF Christmas fairy tale

It’s that time of year again, the magic of Christmas fills the air! The Christ Child brings us love, joy and lots of new things from the ULRICHSHOF. But do you also know Mrs Winterzauber? She has the important task of filling the whole world with a pinch of winter magic before the Christ Child appears on Christmas Eve.


The magic of Mrs Winterglitter

Once upon a time in a small village called Zettisch, hidden in the picturesque Bavarian Forest, the ULRICHSHOF family hotel rested like a hidden treasure among the majestic trees. The anticipation of the festive Christmas season filled the hotel with a very special atmosphere.

One starry evening, a graceful figure walked through the front door of the hotel. It was Mrs Winterglitter, the guardian of Christmas magic. Her arrival astonished and delighted the guests. With a beaming smile, Mrs Winterglitter wandered through the corridors of the hotel, and wherever she went, she left behind a touch of festive magic. She invited guests to embark on a journey through a world of winter wonder, where wishes come true and dreams come to life. The centrepiece of Mrs Winterglitter’s magic was the festively decorated Christmas tree in the lobby foyer. It wasn’t just an ordinary tree, but a living work of art made of velvety baubles that swayed gently when no one was looking. The candles on the tree bathed the room in a warm, golden light and gave it a touch of magic.

But the biggest secret that Mrs Winterglitzer was hiding was her preparation for the coming event: the appearance of the Christ Child on Christmas Eve. She worked tirelessly to transform every corner of the hotel into a place of pre-Christmas joy and expectation. The guests of the ULRICHSHOF immersed themselves enthusiastically in this magical world, full of anticipation of welcoming the Christ Child on this special evening. Together they laughed, sang Christmas carols and shared the warmth and love of this festive moment.

When the day of Christmas Eve arrived, the guests gathered around the magnificent tree in the lobby foyer. In a sparkling moment of gratitude and joy, as all hearts were filled with anticipation of the coming visit, Mrs Winterglitter disappeared just as mysteriously as she had arrived. She left behind a trail of radiant happiness and unforgettable anticipation of the arrival of the Christ Child.

From that day onwards, everyone at ULRICHSHOF remembered the preparations made by the Christmas wizard, Mrs Winterglitter, and the wonderful anticipation of the special encounter with the Christ Child that she had brought to their hearts with her glamour and magic.


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