Alternative practitioner Astrid Held

Zettisch, 27.10.2023

Can you please tell us something about your professional career and how you came to become a non-medical practitioner?

My professional career started quite differently. I started training as an industrial clerk at the age of 16 and worked in this profession until after my parental leave. As young mothers know, a small child simply changes everything, my priorities had become different. As I always wanted to work with people and was interested in alternative healing methods, I started a full-time training as a non-medical practitioner.

What is your speciality as an alternative practitioner?

I was a guest student in a homeopathy lecture, after a quarter of an hour I knew that this was exactly mine. Since then, my conviction and enthusiasm have increased. By means of homeopathy, I can convey a completely different understanding of health and healing to the ULRICHSHOF guests.

How did it come about that you moved from Munich to the ULRICHSHOF?

The first time my daughter Melissa and I went on holiday to the ULRICHSHOF was in 2008 and ten more times after that. For me, it was always a bit like coming home. Even then it was a special place of strength for me, where I could recharge my batteries for everyday life. In 2020, when my daughter had to decide on an apprenticeship in gastronomy, she chose the ULRICHSHOF after an internship. Next year she will finish her training as a cook. Now that I have spent more time here again, I have realised how much I am drawn here. That’s why I asked Michaela if there was a need for me as a healer. To my great joy, I was immediately welcomed with open arms. It gives me so much joy to be able to live my vocation at the ULRICHSHOF. I am very happy that I can pursue my new task in such a pleasant and appreciative environment. Now I have arrived at home.

A homeopathic treatment with the corresponding reflection of one's own life is a good addition to the offer of the ULRICHSHOF.

Alternative practitioner Astrid Held

What treatments in the field of alternative medicine do you offer? What can the ULRICHSHOF guests expect?

At the beginning of a homeopathic treatment there is an extensive initial anamnesis, which I carry out in my practice in the ULRICHSHOF. For a sensible further treatment, I am available to the small and large patients by telephone at any time, even after their holiday. I also offer lectures and question and answer sessions on health and homeopathy topics.

How would you summarise your treatment philosophy?

Unlike other alternative healing methods, which sometimes – albeit with gentler methods – only treat in a suppressive and symptom-related way, homeopathy has a holistic and healing effect. For the remedy finding in an anamnesis, all aspects of the patient are included. For me, holistic means body, mind and soul. The “healing” concerns the whole person and not only the complaint for which he has sought treatment.


What makes working as a naturopath particularly fascinating for you?

When I see how much a patient I have supported with homeopathic treatment changes positively after recovering from an illness and often copes much better with the challenges in life, it is a great enrichment for me.

How can alternative medicine support general health and well-being, especially during holidays?

Especially on holiday – away from everyday life – guests have time to do something for themselves. A homeopathic treatment with the corresponding reflection of one’s own life is a good addition to the offer of the ULRICHSHOF. An initial anamnesis is not only about the administration of a homeopathic remedy, but also about accompaniment and stimulation for the time after the holiday.

What is your heart’s desire for your work at the ULRICHSHOF?

That homeopathy is available to a large circle of people and thus becomes more widespread. It makes me happy when guests who have had a treatment with me or have attended a lecture adopt the homeopathic idea in their everyday life to a certain extent.

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