1. September 2023

Talented young professionals at the ULRICHSHOF

Six trainees were welcomed by ULRICHSHOF junior chef and DEHOGA Bayern training ambassador Nikolaus Brandl. “We are very happy about our new junior staff. As we are participating in a pilot project again this year, we are pleased to welcome three young people from Kyrgyzstan. From our new trainees, we expect above all commitment, passion for the hotel industry and the desire to constantly develop themselves further.”

Aidana, who is almost 18 years old, travelled almost 6,000 kilometres for her apprenticeship because she comes from the Kyrgyz city of Tokmok. There she used to work in a café during the school holidays. “I decided to train as a specialist in restaurant and event catering because it is an interesting profession where I can talk to many people,” she reports. The three Kyrgyz are well prepared for an apprenticeship in Germany: “At school, in the third grade, we had the choice between German and English, and we chose German. Our script is Cyrillic, so we not only learned the German language, but also a new script.”

The three young adults left their homeland to gain experience and pursue careers here. Tilek, a future chef, wants to use the skills he has learned later in his home country. “When I was little, I dreamed of owning my own restaurant and being the chef. I want to realise that dream.” Shakhida also wants to run her own restaurant one day, but not in Kyrgyzstan, but in Germany. She would also like to study here: “At home, our educational opportunities are unfortunately limited, so the training at the ULRICHSHOF is a great opportunity for me to realise my dreams.”

The training at the ULRICHSHOF is a great opportunity for me to realise my dreams.

Shakhida Ruzieva, Apprentice specialist for restaurant and event catering

Skills shortage requires action

ULRICHSHOF personnel manager Julia Dobmeier follows a cooperative approach in the search for applicants. “The shortage of skilled workers does not stop at our industry either, which is why we also rely on applicants from abroad and have taken part in the pilot project of the employment agency.” A total of 21 young people have come from Kyrgyzstan to Cham for this purpose, to start their training in geriatric care, industry, hotel and gastronomy. “In Kyrgyzstan, this vocational support does not exist. It’s important to us to give young people a sound education so they can build something here or in their country of origin.” The human resources manager recognises another benefit in the pilot project: “It is enriching for the team because they get to know other cultures. And our guests should also see that we are well positioned internationally, after all, families from all over the world spend their holidays with us.”

Mentors and workshops for the new trainees

Three second-year apprentices act as mentors and explain the operational processes to the “newcomers” or organise their free time together with them. “In addition to the classic training, it is important to us that the young people network and continue their education together,” says Nikolaus Brandl. That is why the apprentices are allowed to participate in the apprentice academy of the Premium Partner Bayerischer Wald – a cooperation project of the Ostbayern Tourismusmarketing GmbH – where all apprentices come together several times a year. In various workshops, they receive an additional qualification. “This includes very practical solutions that have an essential complement to the standard training,” explains the ULRICHSHOF junior chef.

The three Kyrgyz have taken a room in the ULRICHSHOF, as has 16-year-old Sergej from Waldmünchen. He has his brother, who is also a cook, to thank for him becoming a cook. “And my mother, since she can’t cook,” he laughs. “My biggest goal in my apprenticeship is to develop my cooking skills by miles.”

Jackline from Arnschwang, 6 km away, already knows the ULRICHSHOF from an internship. She is looking forward to spending the next few years at the family hotel because she “has always found working in a hotel interesting and the working atmosphere here is great.” The 16-year-old has decided to train in hotel management, as has Simon from the neighbouring village of Rimbach. “I had already started an apprenticeship as a heating engineer, but realised after a few months that the profession was not for me. Since my mum is a trained restaurant manageress and I have helped out as a waitress several times in the past, I am sure that I am in good hands at the ULRICHSHOF. I really enjoyed the trial work and dealing with the children.”

Our hotel is not just a place to stay, but an experience that our guests will always remember.

Nikolaus Brandl, ULRICHSHOF Junior Manager

Exciting career opportunities in the hospitality industry

The ULRICHSHOF distinguishes itself from other hotels through its unique concept with a focus on nature, family and design. “We attach great importance to personal service and the well-being of our guests, the children but also the staff. Our hotel is not just a place to stay, but an experience that our guests will always remember,” Nikolaus Brandl reports.

An apprenticeship in the hotel industry is particularly attractive because of its versatility and dynamism. It enables the development of a wide range of skills, from management skills to customer service. There are currently still places available at the ULRICHSHOF for training to begin in 2024. “Continuous development and innovation are particularly important to us. That is why we invest in current technologies and training for our employees to ensure that we are always up to date. This way we can guarantee that the jobs with us are future-proof. In addition, we attach great importance to the personal development of our employees and offer promotion and numerous further training opportunities,” says the ULRICHSHOF junior manager.

Cook, hotel specialist and restaurant specialist: Each of these training branches was filled twice.

Back row (from left): Sergej Sybarew (cook), Simon Pongratz (hotel specialist) and Tilek Umotaliev (cook).

Front row (from left): Jackline Heidrich (hotel specialist), Aidana Ulanbekova and Shakhida Ruzieva (both restaurant and event catering specialists).

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