22 June 2021

The ULRICHSHOF gets a basket

An orange ball, a basket and an appropriate height – that’s what you associate with basketball. But certainly not small children. Louis Keber wants to change that. The passionate basketball player, who is working at the Baby & Kinder Bio-Resort ULRICHSHOF until he starts his studies, is offering free taster training there. “I work as an animator in childcare and am responsible for all kinds of sports, such as playing football and archery, among other things. But my personal passion is basketball. I therefore wanted to get the children in the hotel interested in this sport.”

With his wish, Louis turned to his club colleague Wolfgang Zierl, department head of ASV Cham Basketball. “When I heard about Louis’ idea, I was immediately enthusiastic and assured him of my support. Since we have a mobile basket unit in the club, I gave it to him so that he could set it up in the ULRICHSHOF.” The special feature of this mobile unit: the basket height can be lowered. This gives children more of a chance to have the sense of achievement of a hit shot. “It’s really fun – and fun is the most important thing in sport,” Louis is convinced.

Mini basketball with maximum fun

Basketball is a fast sport and the complex movements coupled with tactical thinking challenge both body and mind. Nevertheless, the community character is in the foreground: “You experience the team feeling, because you lose together, you win together,” Louis reports. “And if you play sport at a young age, you learn discipline and ambition from an early age.”

In Germany, there are around 215,000 members in 2,100 clubs organised in the DBB Deutscher Basketball Bund. The Bayerwald Luchse Cham currently have 90 members. “We officially start with the U12s,” says Wolfgang Zierl. “For us, children’s and youth work is an important component, so in addition to the mobile basket system, we also provide appropriate balls in different sizes so that everyone has their own basketball during the taster training.” As a thank you, ULRICHSHOF handed over a donation cheque of 500 euros to the sports club.

You experience the team feeling, because you lose together, you win together.

Louis Keber

In small groups with a maximum of 8 participants, Louis now teaches interested hotel guests from the age of 5 (no upper age limit) the basics of basketball. In various exercises such as dribbling, passing and shooting baskets, the fun is guaranteed not to be neglected. “I think it’s great that we are offering the taster training in the ULRICHSHOF until the end of August 2021,” Louis is enthusiastic. “Maybe the kids will get a taste for it and find a new hobby. Because it was the same with me, I didn’t think much of basketball at first, but then I tried it once and since then it’s been my great love.”

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