7. December 2022

Fragrant island rituals and weightless relaxation

Angelika and Joachim from the Wald-SPA team pamper guests in a whole new way.

Everyone calls me the sauna master,” Joachim Roiger says with a laugh. He has been at the Baby & Kinder Bio-Resort ULRICHSHOF for almost a year and, as a wellness masseur, not only provides the necessary relaxation for the hotel guests with various treatments and massages, but also makes sure that the sauna technology runs smoothly. He uses his creativity in the daily infusions: “Two to three times a day, I offer different variations such as a singing bowl infusion, ice infusion and relaxation infusion, alternating with peelings including a care pack. Here I vary with salt or sugar peelings in different fruity fragrances. After the peeling, I add a rich body butter that gives the skin an extra care effect.”

The offer is very well received by the guests, with mothers and fathers taking turns to do the peelings in the steam sauna and to celebrate the infusions in the Finnish sauna. “In contrast to typical wellness hotels, our sauna is not overcrowded during the infusions according to the motto ‘it’s close to the sow in the sauna’, which our guests find particularly good. I also tell them what is good for their health, what they should do before, during and after the sauna session, and I explain the meaning of each infusion. Because we infuse with very high-quality oils to make the experience as pleasant as possible for the guests,” Joachim emphasises. With suitable music and a good scent in the nose, sweating thus becomes a multiple sensory stimulation. “We are very fortunate to have a regional supplier of first-class quality oils in Gebr. Achatz from Bad Kötzting, so that we can offer our guests this very special wellness experience,” Joachim enthuses.

Pleasant fragrance guaranteed

Short break on an island

Wellness cosmetician Angelika Lohberger nods in agreement. “I’ve noticed that women in particular are taken with the surprising fragrances.” In her “Polynesia” and “Indoceane” SPA rituals, guests are allowed to immerse themselves in the world of extraordinary island scents right at the beginning, before the rituals start. Polynesia” is Hawaiian and after a body scrub with sea salt, vanilla, lotus and coconut, an application with stamps and the hands follows. The island-style treatment is particularly popular with women as it is not a vigorous massage. “It’s more of a gentle squeeze and stretch,” Angelika explains. “I only use high-quality body products from Thalgo, the pioneer of marine cosmetics. The oil alone, with which I do the peelings, lasts forever – even after several showers, the skin is noticeably nourished.” In the “Indoceane”, after a ginger-sugar-salt peeling, the guest may enjoy Indian stroking movements, which are based on the Ayuvedic massage. “Special gentle relaxation sounds and a rich final treatment make the 90 minutes feel like a short holiday on an island,” says Angelika with conviction. “My rituals are pure relaxation: get down, let yourself go and simply enjoy.”

Due to the weightlessness, the 'water and sound application' is perfect for pregnant women.

Joachim, sauna master and wellness masseur

Guests at the ULRICHSHOF can experience that a singing bowl also works in water with the “water and sound application”. With the help of a fabric sheet, the guest floats in the 32.5 degree warm water. The singing bowl floats at the same level so that the body absorbs the sounds. “Through the water, you feel the slightly dull, sonorous sound of the singing bowls rather than hear it,” Joachim describes the process. “Then, when complete relaxation has occurred, I start the water therapy and I twist and pull the body. So this is not a relaxation application, but has a therapeutic background,” he emphasises. Since the water carries the guest, Joachim can work differently than on a couch and, for example, reach for the spine from below. “It often happens that certain stretching grips even really crack, i.e. that fascia adhesions loosen.” The wellness masseur has one more tip: “It’s best to take an hour afterwards, lie down, drink a lot and rest. Because the treatment does something to the body, it dissolves a lot of things and totally calms you down. Because of the weightlessness, the ‘water and sound treatment’ is perfect for pregnant women. The warmth relaxes the muscles, the back and joints are relieved, and the baby also feels the warmth and enjoys the peace.

The saunas at ULRICHSHOF


In the Parents’ SPA (from 16 yrs) there are two steam saunas, a bio sauna and, in the outdoor area, a panoramic Finnish pond sauna. The two steam saunas have between 40-45ºC and a humidity of 100%. The bio sauna has 60 ºC and about 20-25 % humidity and in the Finnish pond sauna it is 80-85 ºC with very low humidity. That’s why there are the infusions, so that the humidity is increased and therefore also the temperature. The increase in humidity causes more sweating and thus revs up the metabolism and strengthens the body’s defences.


In our Family-SPA with tepidarium, steam bath and family sauna, our little guests are also allowed to sweat and then stand under the ice-cold showers. Unlike conventional steam baths, here the family sauna in swimwear at pleasant temperatures so that the children can enjoy the SPA experience together with their parents.

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