1 June 2021

Oldtimer fire brigade: Celebration instead of fire in the ULRICHSHOF

The wailing of the siren could be heard from far away: Numerous children stood with their mothers and fathers on the sun terrace of the Hotel ULRICHSHOF and looked expectantly down the avenue. Then it finally appeared, the big red truck. Magnificently decorated, it drove slowly up the street – past the parked cars and waiting holiday guests – and a reverent murmur went through the crowd. “This is what you get when you look in the weekly paper on a Saturday afternoon,” Ulrich N. Brandl explained with a laugh as he got out of the fire truck.

When the ULRICHSHOF boss discovered the newspaper advertisement in 2019, the vintage car had already been standing on a farm in Buxtehude for years. In its “active time”, the vehicle was used by the volunteer fire brigade of Möckern in Saxony-Anhalt. “It has now been in the workshop for two years and intensive tinkering has been done to get it running again. It’s slowly getting there,” the proud owner said happily.

ULRICHSHOF fire brigade

All the more quickly a name was found for the vehicle: ULRICHSHOF fire brigade. Appropriately, the staff of the ULRICHSHOF child care equipped the little hotel guests with fire brigade helmets. “Today, I’m going to drive around until I can’t move my arms any more, because the steering wheel doesn’t have power steering. So I drive until my arms fall off – or the fire engine stops,” Brandl laughed, “because when the vintage car was brought out of the workshop today, we stopped right halfway on the road.”

Actually, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are known for their performance and reliability, but after such a long standstill it was not surprising that the first round trip with the young firefighters came to a quick end after only a few hundred metres. “Come on Louis, we’ll have a beer in the meantime,” a father joked with his son while the repair crew got the classic car running again.

Rescuer in distress

Nevertheless, there were no long faces, because Michaela Lankes, member of the management, turned out to be the saviour in need and quickly jumped on the Porsche Bulldog – also red, also a vintage car. For two hours, she went round and round the extensive hotel grounds until every child really got their money’s worth.

And while the big hotel guests enjoyed the Bavarian snack with music and wonderful weather, the ULRICHSHOF boss was delighted by the enthusiasm of the holidaymakers. “After such a long time, we thought that now is the right moment and the old-timer should be inaugurated, although the turntable ladder is not yet working. But I’m sure we’ll manage that, even if it takes another couple of years. In any case, there will also be a fire brigade festival in the ULRICHSHOF in the future!” Certainly much to the delight of the big and small holiday guests.

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