Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

The Brandl family is an old farming family that can be traced back to the year 1416.


Once upon a time

… an old farm, which had a beautiful existence. People and cattle enjoyed the home and security he gave them for many generations, children were grateful for the many corners to play hide and seek and the wide garden with the gnarled fruit trees was a friendly neighbor. So the years passed, and times changed. People moved away, children grew up and the inhabitants no longer saw a future in farming. The farm was to continue and secure the future of its inhabitants, but he could not quite imagine what that would look like. This made him sad. “I wish with all my heart to be new and great, so that life and joy may reign with me again,” he sighed every night. Then he heard a fine little voice from the gnarled apple tree: “I want to fulfill your wish, dear farm,” it said. “But for that you must make me three promises.” “Anything you want!” replied the farm. “Listen to me,” said the little voice again, and the next moment a little fairy in a white dress sat on the topmost branch.

“Three things you must take to heart: Children, stories and memory. The children are the most important thing. They are the future of this earth and they fill every space, no matter how small, with life and joy. Give them enough space to romp, play, try things out and rest. Give them variety, experiences and dreams.” The old farm nodded eagerly. He had had plenty of room for children before, too. “I’d like to do that!” “Fine,” the fairy continued. “Let’s move on to point two: stories. Stories are everywhere. We need them like the air we breathe. What would the world be without stories? Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer people to tell them. All those beautiful fairy tales and legends that are increasingly being forgotten. You should tell them to each of your visitors!” “Me?” the old farmer asked incredulously. “How am I supposed to do that?” The fairy continued unperturbed, “Point three. Reminder. You see it in some people. They suddenly come into money and forget where they came from. If you are going to be new and big, you should remember where you came from at all times and also show your visitors what you once were. Be proud of your origins and always open to the future.” “All right,” said the old farmhouse, “I promise you. I want to be a place where children and their parents can feel at home. And I want to be a place that not only tells stories, but tells its own story. And that is why I will be called after my first owner:

I want to be called “ULRICHSHOF.”

Our History

1992 until today

Easter 2024 – The suites on the 6th floor of the Bergschloss, the first gaming level in the brand new Spiel-KISTE and the “OHM” restaurant have been completed.

23.12.2022 – Opening lobby foyer with Ulrichsplatz

19.09.2022 – Opening of parking garage 1 with 65 parking spaces

08.11.2021 – Extension of the lobby, new construction of the mountain castle and play box
Start of the first construction phase with the expansion of the existing lobby, the new construction of the hotel approach with the “Ulrichsplatz” and the new parking garage with the outdoor play area above. The lobby, arrival area, parking garage and outdoor sports area will then be completed by the end of 2022. From January to probably October 2022, demolition, earthwork and shell construction work will take place for the new buildings Bergschloss (with 32 suites) and the Spiel-Kiste with the “Sky Restaurant” (project name). From mid-2022 until probably the end of 2023, the interior work of the new buildings will follow.

23.10.2021 – Completion Schrazeltal

21.05.2021 – Commissioning of the spacious new building of the restaurant kitchen.

10.08.2018 – Completion of the renovation work in the main building.
Another part of the rooms was transformed into design-oriented family suites.

19.12.2017 – Opening of the new Finnish panoramic pond sauna.

25.06.2017 – Anniversary 25 years ULRICHSHOF with opening of the new sun terrace.

27.05.2017 – Opening of the new natural bath in the parent SPA.

2015 – Nomination at the World Architecture Festival (WAF) as “Most beautiful hotel in the world”.

2014 – Opening of the new building “Waldschloss” with lobby, Wald-BAD and Eltern-SPA.

2013 – Expansion and new construction of room wing, lobby and SPA experience world.
With 40 high-quality family suites in the “Waldschloss”, a new lobby and “Waldpassage” made of glass, 4 additional pools (1 year-round outdoor pool, 1 children’s outdoor pool, 1 indoor adventure pool as well as 1 sports pool), a separate parent SPA level and the newly designed beauty area “Wald-SPA”, the largest expansion in the history of the ULRICHSHOF begins.

20.04.2011 – Commissioning of an archery range and outdoor climbing wall
A new archery range has been built between the riding arena and the forest playground. A new 11 m high climbing wall at the covered outside wall of the lunging hall challenges the small as well as the big climbers.

15.06.2010 – Extension of the riding stable, new construction of the parking hall, commissioning of the photovoltaic system
With the extensive expansion of the hotel’s own riding stable, the generation of electricity through photovoltaics was also significantly expanded. The new halls were optimally aligned and thus bring the multiple benefits that make sense from an ecological and economic point of view.

11.11.2008 – Commissioning of the 1st photovoltaic system
The ecological conversion is consequently continued with the generation with electricity from the sun.

10.03.2008 – Online booking
Since March 2008 it is possible to book your dream vacation at the ULRICHSHOF online – and thus around the clock all year round.

27.12.2005 – Commissioning of the bumper car facility
New bumper car facility with 6 cars in the design of the Formula 1 racers from BMW, McLaren-Mercedes, Ferrari (2x), Red Bull and Renault.

20.12.2002 – commissioning of the 81 m long giant water slide in the Felsen-BAD

01.05.2000 – opening of the ropeway on the playground

01.08.1999 – Opening of the “Crazy Horse Saloon” in the south wing

01.04.1995 – Opening of the rock adventure pool “Pirate`s World

27.12.1994 – Opening of the Residence
43 additional vacation suites

1993 – New building riding stable I

06.06.1992 – Opening of the ULRICHSHOF with 9 vacation apartments
The 1st baby and toddler aparthotel in Eastern Bavaria


Tradition in the next generation

Ulrich N. Brandl with his sons Benjamin and Nikolaus

Hosts with passion

From the first sustainably managed baby & children organic resort in Europe in 2006 to the completely redesigned family design hotel in 2014: This is the ULRICHSHOF, according to “Geo Saison” for a long time the best family hotel in Europe. The four-star superior hotel is located on an area of approximately 64,000 m² in Zettisch in the natural paradise of the Bavarian Forest.

Owner Ulrich N. Brandl founded the ULRICHSHOF in 1992 with nine vacation apartments for young families from the parental farm. Today the offer ranges from comfortable apartments to luxurious suites. More than 275 employees take care of up to 101 young families. The next period will once again be marked by the development into the best children’s hotel in Europe: with ultra-modern infrastructure and unique architecture – which combines both the needs of children and the aesthetic demands of parents – and always with a clear focus on the perfect family vacation, the ULRICHSHOF is once again setting new standards – a place … where not only kids’ dreams come true …

It is well known that behind the ULRICHSHOF stands the Brandl family, in addition to many dedicated employees who give their best for your well-being every day. Origin and firm anchor is an old farmer family, which goes back as can be prove to the year 1416. Tradition, attachment to the homeland, a cross-generational approach and responsibility for one’s own actions have always determined what we do. To ensure a good living for the family and the entrusted employees, to make a valuable contribution to society and to successfully lead the family business into the next generation is both a mission and an obligation. And so we are pleased that in 2021, with Aurelian, the first Brandl of a further generation has seen the light of day.

We want to give our guests a feeling of security with outstanding cordial service and inspire them with an extraordinary range of leisure activities.

Family Brandl

Our philosophy

Disclaimer: For reasons of better readability, the generic masculine has been used. Feminine and other gender identities are explicitly included as far as it is necessary for the statement.

All employees of the ULRICHSHOF act as “co-entrepreneurs” and do their best to fulfill the company’s purpose – to create a dreamlike and familiar vacation world for a special clientele – on an outstandingly high level, to cultivate a cooperation that creates an atmosphere of well-being and joy for guests, employees, management, owners, suppliers and all other business partners alike. They undertake to keep harm away from the company, to promote its prosperous development and economic success with all their strength and are convinced that only in this way they will also experience the greatest possible private and economic benefit for themselves.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with your small or large concerns. We will be happy to help you as much as possible.

Ulrich N. Brandl with Nikolaus and Benjamin as well as Michaela Lankes

Everyone in the ULRICHSHOF team strives to provide the declared guest clientele – families with small children, for whom a high-quality offer is important – with a holiday experience that is best suited to their needs. We want to offer an above-average range of leisure and recreational activities, combined with a high level of comfort, to provide a holiday experience in a class of its own. We want to achieve this by combining well-known holiday offers with those based on our own experience. Consideration of the guests’ wishes always has the highest priority in the compilation of the programme. Improvement and adaptation to the respective zeitgeist is a continuous process. We not only want to satisfy our guests, but also to inspire them again and again with new smart ideas. To ensure that we succeed in this and can always fulfil our guests’ wishes in the best possible way, everyone in the company commits to the following principles:

  • Every staff member meets every guest with courtesy, warm friendliness and an exceptional willingness to serve and help. Furthermore, we always behave courteously, are patient, clean and neat in our appearance.
  • We let our guests feel that they are warmly welcome and personally appreciated here. At all times, we give every guest the attention that we ourselves enjoy.
  • Children are treated as important and equal guests and are served at least as courteously and warmly as their parents.
  • Furthermore, we treat all other guests equally. We make no distinctions between young and old, between people with and without disabilities. Animals also enjoy our respect and are treated by us in a manner appropriate to their species. We stand behind the human rights formulated by the UN and the rights of the child. Consideration, respect and trust determine the way we interact with each other.
  • On the one hand, children are given as much freedom and opportunity to develop as possible, but on the other hand, they are also stopped where this is required by decency and good manners.
  • Children are always shown an attractive way to spend their free time and holidays with creative ideas, on the one hand with games that are simply fun, but on the other hand also with experiences of nature and learning games that are valuable from a socio-political point of view and with regard to responsible education.
  • For every guest, there is an abundance of free space and always a retreat for personal leisure.
  • The guest is offered an extraordinary range of leisure activities both inside and outside the ULRICHSHOF holiday world.
  • Every guest has the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful landscape around the ULRICHSHOF with his or her family, but also to spend his or her holiday in the pleasant company of like-minded people.
  • We do everything to make the guest feel as safe and comfortable with us as he or she does at home. We show our regular guests that they are coming home again and again by offering familiar and usual things, we radiate trust and reliability.
  • We take suggestions and justified criticism from all guests seriously, these give us the chance to improve further. We eliminate deficiencies as soon as possible and everyone feels responsible for this.
  • As far as possible, we only employ staff who love their work at the ULRICHSHOF as well as dealing with our guests and who express this in their work.
  • The overall offer is tailored to the target group without compromise. This means that everything, from the smallest detail to the design of extensive arrangements, is tailored to the special needs of families with young children.
  • We want to inspire the guests in our holiday world. Recommendation is not only the most reliable and best advertising for us, but also confirmation at the same time.

All in all, the aim of all our efforts must be to give the children such a great holiday that there is freedom for their parents and the chance opens up for them that they too can make use of the extensive – especially for them – offer and enjoy their holiday in the most pleasant way. We want to give our guests a feeling of security with an outstandingly cordial service and inspire them with an extraordinary range of leisure activities so that they will want to spend their holiday at the ULRICHSHOF again and again.

It is well known that the Brandl family stands behind the ULRICHSHOF, in addition to many dedicated employees who give their best for your well-being every day. To ensure a good living for the family and the entrusted employees, to make a valuable contribution to society and to successfully lead the family business into the next generation is both a mission and an obligation.

Anne and Nikolaus, Ulrich N. Brandl with grandchildren Anton and Aurelian, Benjamin and Patricia

What we are proud of!

Our awards

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Unser Team

Ihre Ansprechpartner

Bei Reservierungsanfragen senden Sie bitte eine E-Mail an


Ulrich N. Brandl (Owner/Managing Partner)
Nikolaus Brandl,
Benjamin Brandl,
Michaela Lankes

Assistance to the management
Adina Köberl, +49 (0) 9977 / 950 – 137


Mon-Sun: 09:00-18:00

Reservation Manager
Emal Azad, +49 (0) 99 77 / 950 – 0




Reception Manager
Theresa Wittmann, +49 (0) 99 77 / 950 – 0




Guest Relations
Pauline Schmidbauer, +49 (0) 99 77 / 950 – 0




Contact childcare
Michaela Lankes, Tamara Hausmann +49 (0) 99 77 / 950 – 555


Mon-Sun: 08:15-17:30

Contact Wald-SPA
Joachim Roiger, +49 (0) 99 77 / 950 – 400


Housekeeping Manager
Denisa Chmelikova, Tina Sejbova,  +49 (0) 99 77 / 950 – 124


Restaurant Manager
Pamela Konetschny, +49 (0) 99 77 / 950 – 457

Deputy Restaurant Manager
Diana Stangl, Ronny Sommer-Schilling, +49 (0) 99 77 / 950 – 457


Human Resources Management
Julia Dobmeier, +49 (0) 99 77 / 950 – 125

WhatsApp: +49(0)9977950125



for everyone!


German noun, neuter [das]

pleasant feeling; feeling of comfort, “someone is overcome with a sense of well-being”.

We want all our guests to feel their very own sense of well-being and take home impressive memories. And if you want, you can even leaf through the “Wohlgefühl”: the ULRICHSHOF is also available as a magazine. With expressive, large-format pictures, you can literally feel the family atmosphere, the passion as well as the attention to detail. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Browse through the Wohlgefühl

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